Dodgers: How Fans Feel the Team Should Approach the Trade Deadline

August 31st is almost here, and with it, the trade deadline for this bizarre 2020 season. While the rumor mill is still rather quiet on the Dodgers front, it is never too early to speculate as to what moves the team could make.

We set out to find where fans stood on this issue, and the results have come in! Let’s see how Dodgers nation feels about the possibility of making some moves prior to the Monday deadline.

Many fans want another Starter


A vast majority of fans have identified starting pitching as the team’s biggest need. It’s hard to argue this, as starters haven’t gone as deep into recent games as the team would’ve hoped. While the depth may be there, the Dodgers have yet to identify a solid 3rd and 4th starter for a potential playoff series. Could it be May? Gonsolin? Or perhaps someone else that can be brought in for the right price…

Others hope the team stands pat

Then there were those who saw the glass half full instead. The Dodgers have obviously not played to their full potential, yet they somehow find themselves with the best record in baseball. Assuming that the weak links round into form by season’s end, there is some truth in believing the best move is to not make one.

There are also those who think the best fix is from within

And finally, the most interesting take of all: Add from within. The Dodgers have plenty of capable contributors waiting on the sidelines who they can choose from, including top prospect Gavin Lux who was recently called up for Thursday’s doubleheader against the Giants.

Final Thoughts

There are definitely some kinks that still need to be worked on if the Dodgers hope to hoist their first World Series trophy in the last three decades, but how to address them is still unclear. Knowing Andrew Friedman and the front office, they will kick the tires on just about everyone until they find a player and a price that makes them happy. And if the roster looks exactly the same on September 1st… well we could do a lot worse than the best record in baseball.

Who are some players that you would like to see join the blue crew before the trade deadline? Let us know in the comments below!


Daniel Palma

Daniel is an avid sports fan who loves his hometown teams. If he's not watching baseball, you can find him playing or coaching. No matter what, he'll always root for the Boys in Blue!


  1. Deal Micheal Busch and Diego Cartaya to Texas for Lance Lynn, and flip Sripling and Santana to New York for a prospect that can finish out the deal. Then turn McKinstry into Adsrubal Cabrera, who can play all over the infield and can crush LHPs. Maybe then trade Pederson for some prospects to replenish the farm system or a reliever like Ken Glies.

    Trade 1: Texas gets three quality prospects and cuts a little salary, while the pitching starved Yankees get two pitchers who can both start and relief — for cheaper than getting Lance Lynn all by themselves. The Dodgers get a quality starter that can hold down the #3 spot in the rotation, allowing Gonsolin and May to settle out the 4th and 5th spots of the rotation successfully.

    Trade 2: Washington trades a utility infielder for another, except that the Dodgers get the righty and the Nationals get the lefty. Washington also gets 6 years of McKinstry, while Adsrubal Cabrera is only one year. The Dodgers already have many utility players, so they don’t need McKinstry, and although Hernandez and Cabrera are pending FAs, neither of them seem like expensive extensions.

    Trade 3: Many teams are likely in the running for a left-handed power bat who can play all of the outfield positions, and the above trades do hurt some of the farm system. Although the Dodgers’ farm system is the 3rd best in baseball, many of the top prospects are close to big-league ready, and milb.com ranked them as 14th in baseball among prospects ages 22 and younger (after the Mookie deal, before the lockdown). Cartaya is still early in his minor league career, and so is Busch, so these deals will likely makew that rating go down even further. The Dodgers are very good at developing players, so I am confident that there will turn out to be some nice prospects, but without a top draft pick anywhere in sight, this might be the best farm system we will have for a few years. Rentals, especially platoon ones, do not sell high, but chances are we could get a Micheal Busch-like player. Another option is to trade Joc for a reliever. Yes, the bullpen has been great this year, but McGee’s game yesterday served as a message that it still could use some help.

    That is just my thoughts about what the trade deadline should be.

  2. Trade Joc and Kiki to get something for them before they hit FA. Neither worth an extension. Both have been given many chances to show what they can do and both have come up lacking. We have plenty of kids waiting for their turn,

    1. Agree! Trade Joc and Kike! Dead weight. Go for Schoop to play 2nd. How nice would it be to have another .300 hitter in lineup! Especially one that can hit lefties. Another top pitcher would be nice. I can’t see Strip and Julio taking us to the promised land. And what if Buehler’s blister becomes an issue like Hill had. Top pitching brings home the trophy. We got Mookie no time to let off the gas now. Especially as the Pads are really improving and going for it.

    1. Strip – to the pen. Wood – out. Santana- OUT! Kersh, Walker, May, Gonsolin – 4 man rotation. Urías – don’t give up just yet.

  3. Dodgers just need to get two pitchers and we nd to honestly get rid of kenley we nd a better person for our saves

  4. Give Gonsolin a spot in rotation, as he could replace Stripling, who honestly forces team to score at least 5 or more runs to have a chance because it HAS to be obvious that Stripling can’t keep the ball in the yard. Or trade for another experienced starter as well and also, BTW it would be amazing to see what this offense could if they didn’t strike out a ton.

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