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Dodgers: A Very Sad Update From Andrew Toles’ Family

The very sad saga surrounding Dodgers’ outfielder Andrew Toles continued this week when USA Today scribe Bob Nightengale provided an update. If you have time today, please do read through Bob’s check-in with Toles’ family. 

The story started last week when we learned that the former Dodgers’ outfielder was arrested for trespassing. Toles was living on the streets and refused to leave the spot he was in. Nightengale contacted Toles’ sister Morgan, who was just thankful to hear that her brother was alive. 

When the news came out, the response from the public was very different from the response from my family. When people saw my brother’s mug shot, it was like, ‘Oh, my God! He’s been arrested.’ You know what my family felt? Relief. It’s really crazy to say, but the mug shot, really, was the best thing ever. We didn’t know whether he was dead or alive.

That’s a painful and powerful statement from Morgan Toles.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that the outfielder has been through this. He reportedly went through a familiar situation in Kentucky a few weeks back and was arrested in Hong Kong some time last year. Per the story, Toles had lost his passport while on holiday and took to stealing food. 

Andrew’s father Alvin talked about wanting to do everything he could for his son, but also understands that’s going to be difficult. 

We just need to find him. We need to bring him home. But he keeps running. He’s in this state of paranoia. He’s running from people. He just keeps running like someone is after him. He really needs help before it’s too late.

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Toles is being held in a hospital in Key West as of now, but his sister Morgan believes he is so incoherent that he has no idea what is happening. His arrangement date is set for Thursday, but she also believes he will not show up. 

Dodgers’ President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman spoke about Toles’ situation and called it heartbreaking, and just wished that there was more that they could do. Unfortunately, the Dodgers can only do so much if he is unwilling to accept help. 

Mental Health Resources:

National Institute of Mental Health

Los Angeles Mental Health Hotline

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  1. I pray that Andrew Tole’s receive the help that he desperately needs. I pray that the family receives comfort and strength to get the help he needs.

  2. When I read the USA Today story, how Turner offered to pay for Toles’ medical bills for his treatment, it brought me to tears. It really did. The Dodgers really care for this man. It went from being about baseball to about being a real, caring brother. The whole Dodger organization has been there for Toles. Man, this is heartbreaking.

    1. We are lucky to have JT not just on the Dodgers, but in baseball. He really shows us what being a good human is all about. What a great role model not only for the youth, but us adults as well.

      1. I totally agree with what you said here. I kinda think that if your a good person to start with the big money helps bring that person out. Not always but we def need to keep this guys he’s a great leader.

  3. I’m saddened by the news, and even more sorry for the Toles family. It’s tough being a man, having to deal with life and it’s pressures…and being Black. I pray, whatever he’s dealing with, he gets the help he needs and bounces back. Prayers up!

  4. The Toles family is right. The Toles family is right. The best thing that could have happened was Andrew Toles being arrested. Now they know where he is, and can try to help. The prosecutors and courts can help by pushing a psychiatric evaluation leading to a medication program that can get Toles back to functionality. Cops have been taking a bad rap everywhere these days. Here is a clear case of cops and the system intervening in a way that could get this guy’s life back on track.

    1. Way to completely ignore the horrific occurrences by pointing out the times where they actually did their jobs properly. The BLM movement is about eliminating all unjust beatings/killings of black suspects it’s unfortunate we can’t all get on board with that as a society and part of the reason why is people like you misunderstanding what it’s all about

      1. This good stuff is happening all the time. But the media likes to focus on the bad stuff, making it look more pervasive than it is. Don’t get me wrong, bad stuff needs to be minimized (eliminated is unrealistic) , but let’s not being up bad stuff whenever good stuff hsppens, that’s twisted.

        1. Oh please if anything the bad stuff needs to be in the media even more. We’re talking about lives here this is as serious as it gets. It needs to be known and there needs to be accountability and stopped

  5. Pray God put his healing hand on Andrew Toles! Get things worked out 1st and get back into shape and wear the Dodger Blue and win! For Andrew for LA for the people who battle what he is battling! All this from a fan of the Dodgers, who watched his progress all the way here on the Islands! He was very instrumental in the Rockies series that put us over the top! Bat, wheels, arm, all the 4’s. He’s a winner and I believe he can over come his demons and make a comeback in life! Aloha Andrew get well! I got your back, all the here from Hawaii!

  6. I’m sadden to here of this my brotha Toles.
    Man I wish there was a magic word to make things better for u but I can tell u that I really enjoy watching u play.
    It sucked a couple yrs ago when I seen u get hurt and went down for the season. I heard ur story about how u got to the Dodgers and it was very inspiring bro…
    Get urself better and get back to ur family and for sure the diamond. Peace brotha and God Bless!

  7. Everyone keep praying for Andrew and God will hear his prayers just believe and keep praying???

  8. Can a family member file to be his conservator like Brittany Spears father did for her mental state. Dont let him be another mental health statistic….Dodger Nation ? Always

  9. As a Firefighter/First It saddens me for this man to be going through this. We all have our struggles and I am a living example of going through something similar. I can’t explain why it happened to me, but it did and I am brought to tears because it doesn’t make sense to so many people. If I never went through this I would in all honesty think it wasn’t a big deal and he was seeking attention. We all have our breaking points and have things that set us off. It’s as if a switch is flipped and I wish I knew what triggered it. I pray for not just Andrew, but everyone who is struggling with their mental health whether it may be noticeable or not. It is not an easy topic to talk about and I truly understand what this illness is all about. I hope anyone who reads this understands that it’s ok if you have struggles in your mind and don’t feel like you are crazy or different for feeling that way. Love yourself and talk to the right people. There is hope and it is not just taking pills. That’s not the answer. It’s a process and I pray for all of you struggling with your mental health and well being. There is hope! Andrew and the ones who are struggling, I pray that you find happy selves again. You can do this! I’m rooting for you all.

  10. I completely understand the feeling of relief when you actually see that mugshot. My son has been homeless for over three years, he is mentally ill and very paranoid. When I don’t hear from him for 3 or 4 months I check every day to see if he’s been arrested so that I know that he is alive. I pray for Andrew Toles and his family. It is a very sad and hard thing to live with.

  11. Andrew Toles is still one of my favorite players to this day

    From a regular civilian working Individual to an awesome baseball player arm speed and batting and moral is badass

    It’s a f’d up feeling when you think someone is out to get ya or you don’t feel right for Yourself even when you have soo much talent . I hope he gets back up and destroys any negativity that bugged him in the past Your still gonna be the Andrew toles we all know ?????? kick ass ball player in my book god bless man and positive vibez ??? I’d play catch whenever and down for BP anyday man

  12. Please, Dodgers, revise the end of this article, so that you don’t say “We can’t help him if he is unwillingly to accept help.” Please say something like “We can’t help him if we can’t reach through to his non-working brain to trust us to help.” People experiencing severe psychosis and paranoia aren’t unwilling to accept help. There is no volition to their inability to accept help. Rather their brains do not choose to accept help because the psychosis is so bad. This is one of the hardest things for non-mentally ill people to understand, especially when the person they know used to be healthy. Please never blame the mentally ill person for being “unwilling to accept help.”

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