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Dodgers: Justin Turner Sounds off on the Long-Lasting Effect of the Astros’ Scandal

The Dodgers don’t like the Astros too much, no surprise there. And it’s entirely understandable, given that Houston did cheat them out of a World Series in 2017. More than that, they cheated a few guys who would end up retiring out of a championship. 

Joe Kelly was not a part of the 2017 team, but he made his opinions clear. Speaking on the Big Swing Podcast with Cooper Surles and Ross Stripling, Kelly went off. The Dodgers Justin Turner was asked about Kelly’s rant, and Turner mostly agreed with the parts he had heard. 

Just to say, ‘It’s done it’s over with’ and move on, I don’t think is a reality for anyone. I think around the league there’s a lot of guys upset and feel like the punishment didn’t fit the crime. I don’t know if that’ll ever go away for me.

It’s hard to say that it’s over and done with when the Astros players barely received any punishment. Sure, their coach was fired and their GM was let go. But the only punishment dished out to the players involved was the shame that they now have to live with. So for the Dodgers to hold onto that is not without reason. 

Kelly went on to implicate the players as the main conspirators in the cheating scandal. In his mind, Alex Cora was made the scapegoat in what should have been pinned on guys on the roster. Dodgers players will continue to speak their minds and don’t imagine that going away any time soon. 

What’s Next

The Dodgers will play a three game series against the Angels starting on Friday evening. After that, they play four consecutive games against the Seattle Mariners. Seattle will come to town Monday and Tuesday before the team travels back up north to face them in Washington for two games. 

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