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Dodgers: Keibert Ruiz Continues His Hot Streak at the Plate With a 4-Hit Game

Dodgers prospect Keibert Ruiz is crushing the ball with Oklahoma City right now. There’s simply no other way to describe what he’s doing at the plate. The organization’s top catching prospect just pushed his batting average over the .300 mark on Thursday with a 4-hit performance. 

Ruiz also blasted his 12th homerun for the OKC Dodgers in that game and pushed up OPS up over 1.000 for the year. The number 41 prospect in baseball also had his 6th multi-hit game over the last 17 games played. 

That’s great for Keibert, but it also creates an odd situation for the Dodgers as they approach the trade deadline. Having his bat in the lineup would be ideal, but that might not be what ends up happening with him on this hot streak. 

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Could the Dodgers look to move him for a high-profile arm to add to the rotation? It’s entirely possible given the organization’s current situation at the catching position. Diego Cartaya is widely considered the future at catcher as he continues to mature, and they already have 2 solid guys there in Will Smith and Austin Barnes. 

So logically, there doesn’t seem to be much room for Ruiz in the Dodgers plans. They might view it a little differently and perhaps they have plans to move other pieces around. But if nothing happens at the deadline, it’s still going to be difficult to find a spot for Ruiz in the lineup. 

But at least he’s hitting right now! 

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  1. Bring Rui up. He can hit and that way you can use a catcher to pinch hit earlier in the game. Dodgers don’t have clutch pinch hitters.

    1. Will Smith hits too, but look at his defense. and Will’s catching defense is better than Ruiz!

  2. Just designate Barnes for assignment and bring Ruiz up so that he’s here to stay. Roberts and Friedman are messing up big time by not recalling him up.

  3. Our geniuses don’t put importance on coaching fundamentals with our catchers maybe that’s why Ruiz has been wasted in the minors for 2 years now while Barnes and Smith let opponents run rampant, interfere with pitches, throw no one out, have brain farts during plays (Smith). Not to mention the low batting averages

    1. You’re right on target, Don.
      Barnes can’t hit a lick and Smith is the worst defensive catcher and neither one can throw runners out so I hope they bring Ruiz back to make things much more interesting.

      1. I’m aware of that Barnes being having his troubles this year and presentation doesn’t look good, but we must not forget his hit at the start of that infamous 6th inning in the WS that knocked Snell out of the game and scoring the 1st run to tie the game. He also caught the whole game and calling a perfect close out for Urias to finally win the World Series ! Ahhh, what memories…..

  4. You can’t just DFA a guy after signing a 4+M, 2-yr contract—— only a trade needs to be work on. The problem is Barnes has the more experience and confidence in pitch calling by the pitchers. His pitch framing is rated high w/ soft hands receiving, but his offense is below par. Smith took spot from Grandal (went FA) because of his bat and was ahead of Ruiz in development. Ruiz still needs more experience in pitch management and defensive work, although his offense is outstanding @ the minor league level. He’s probably going to be blocked unless, heaven forbid, someone gets hurt. It’s similar to when Seager took the place of a injured Rollins and Belli came up when Gonzo got hurt. Opponents running rampart is the pitchers not controlling the run game. Barnes been guilty of interference because the pitchers are slow to the plate. The passed balls are caused by lack of basic pitch blocking or wrong technique. Remember Smith is still new to the big leagues and making league minimum .

  5. We should trade Austin Barnes and bring Ruiz up. The haul would have to be BIG to justify trading Ruiz. I think it would be a mistake. Barnes is VERY expendable.

  6. Somewhere, if there is a ‘basement’ in Dodger Stadium….and I doubt it, there is a copy “The Dodger Way to Play Baseball”.
    Author??? Al Campanis.
    This present club needs a copy to every one of those boneheads in that dugout.

  7. Make a room for Ruiz as pinch hitter/runner than taking players like Tsutsugo & others that cannot hit if the Dodgers need them badly on crucial innings. Maybe, put Barnes on infielders/outfielders position for quite sometimes to make a room for Ruiz. This is my thought only! ???

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