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Dodgers: Kenley Jansen Comments On All-Star Snub

Dodgers fans, do you feel like Kenley Jansen deserved to be a 2019 All-Star? Without question, several Dodgers were snubbed. However, when looking around at those omissions on the National League roster, is Jansen one of the names at the forefront of your mind?

Now, Jansen talks with Bill Plunkett of the OC Register about not making the squad. In a word, Kenleys sounds a bit frustrated.

When first asked – if you’re taking the quote at face value – Jansen expected to be there.

“Listen, man, they don’t pick me — what can I say? There’s going to be plenty more chances. That’s how I see it,”

Indeed, it’s important to not always take a quote at face-value. Or perhaps, read beyond the first line of the quote. With that said, Jansen has been known to give some interesting quotes on certain situations. One example from Jansen in particular was when he was asked about how he felt about Craig Kimbrel joining the Dodgers bullpen.

Nevertheless, Jansen sounds like he thinks he should be in Cleveland in a few weeks.

“Yeah, you definitely want to be picked — second in the league in saves. But, listen, I knew it was going to be hard once I gave up that four-spot against San Diego (a walkoff grand slam by Hunter Renfroe on May 5). It’s going to take you months to get your ERA down and all that stuff.”

No doubt, Jansen sounds like he’s sat down and thought this out. Jansen points towards his 23 saves as a reason he should have been selected. While some consider the save to be an overrated statistic – it’s important to remember Jansen closes for one of the winningest team’s in baseball history of the first 81 games in a season.

Jansen did go on to say he’s happy for his teammates like Hyun-Jin Ryu and Walker Buehler for getting their first calls to the Midsummer Classic. However, what do you think about Jansen’s case he’s making for himself? Is he having an All-Star year? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. I don’t believe Jansen deserves to be an 2019 All-Star. Enjoy the break, rest-up for the 2nd-half of the season, hopefully for a Long play-off run.

    1. Robin……..I agree with you………he was not snubbed………he does not deserve to go……….his ERA alone, compared to other closers would/should keep him out………and I don’t think we Dodger fans should be whining about it.

        1. Clint, and to others who may be here: In 34.2 innings of relief so far this year Jansen has served up 5 HR’s…enough said. But the the BP as a whole are basically just as guilty of the long ball as well.

  2. I feel Jansen had a first ruffled beginning but he is doing awesome and I feel he should’ve be voted to go the allstars that is my OPINION

    1. His 3.12 ERA is not all-star worthy.
      You could make a case for Muncy, certainly, but that’s the only one I’d say should have made it.

  3. I feel Jansen had a first ruffled beginning but he is doing awesome and I feel he should’ve been voted to go the allstars that is my OPINION

  4. He didn’t get the votes he usually does because lots of fans are down on him lately

  5. It would help if 70% of the population in the area could see the games on TV. The apathy among Dodgers voters (or lack thereof) speaks volumes as to why more D’s aren’t on the team!!! Muncy, Verdugo, e.g. The greedy powers that be who can’t come up with a solution should be ashamed of themselves. However, I can’t believe how little effort I being made to correct the situation. I guess no one cares. (I have SPECTRUM)

  6. His era is little high as a result of the grand slam he gave up in San Diego. Other then that, he most certainly deserves all star recognition. However, I think the Muncy snub is almost a crime.

  7. Actually he rarely has a 1,2,3 inning, always gives up a hit or walk. Not even close to all star status.
    Out side of bellinger not really any position players deserving a spot. Muncy has been terrific but no more deserving than 6/8 other players.

    1. One thing that may be a contributing factor as far as other position players being snubbed is the fact that they are not everyday players , as evidenced with the ever revolving door of daily lineups.

  8. I would give it to him. He is invaluable as to the Dodgers best record in baseball. Unfortunately, he can’t pitch every night. He does seem to do better when he is well rested. With the Bullpen (excluding Jansen) being one of the weakest areas of the 2019 Dodgers, lets pray that the Trading deadline gets us some significant bullpen help. I fear that without enough bullpen help that our World Series may end badly again. Look at the Yankees bullpen. It would appear that they have no weaknesses.

  9. The World Series is far more important than the All Star game. As we can see by the last week, the boys can use a good few days off. Do something fun, be with your families. Enjoy kicking back, and be fresh and ready to go for the second half. And, yes…. Max has been incredible lately. And… Thank you Cody for opting out of the Home Run Derby!!!

  10. No way on Jansen. Other than his number of saves, coming on the team with the most wins, his ERA is high, has blown saves, and rarely has a clean inning. More deserving closers/BP guys out there. Plus, every team has to be represented (stupid rule), so this also leads to some guys not getting selected. As for Max, if he played a single position, a case could be made. And he is also likely a victim of the every team needs a rep thing.

  11. Guessing Jansen has an ASG bonus in his contract. If he does, he seems like they guy who would say he deserves to make it whether he does or not because it’s all about the benjamins.

  12. Kenley does not warrant an All Star selection this year. Yes he is 2nd in the NL in saves, but, he is 6th in ERA, 12th in WAR, 5th in WHIP, 2nd in blown saves out of the top 10 closers. He has been doing much better lately but as a body of work in the first half he is not an All Star.

  13. Jansen is not a lights out closer. Almost always makes it interesting. Overrated to say the least.

  14. I’m not an emotional voter. I go on stats. Kenley is a great team mate and leader, but not an allstar this year.

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