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Dodgers: Kenley Jansen Remains Calm Despite Fans’ Increasing Worry

Friday was not Dodgers’ closer Kenley Jansen’s night, once again.

With a three-run lead in the bottom of the ninth, Jansen flirted with another blown save as he loaded the bases with only one out. Stop me if you’ve heard this story before.

Ultimately, he would get out of the inning but not before nearly giving the entire Dodgers’ fanbase a collective heart attack.

Jansen Still Confident Despite “Turbulence”

Yet, despite what has become such a long list of documented struggles in the 2019 season, Jansen remains confident in himself.

When asked his thoughts on his role possibly changing if the Dodgers deal for for a top reliever before the trade deadline — say a Felipe Vazquez or Will Smith type guy — Jansen told Bill Plunkett of the OC Register this:

How can I worry about that? I know I’m the guy who’s done the job. Listen, don’t forget who I am. I’ll be that. I am that. … Listen, man, I can’t worry about what you guys think about me or what fans think about me. I can’t put negative stuff on my plate. That just takes you away from trying to get better.

Dodgers’ fans would be more than delighted if Jansen returned to his pre-2018 form, but at this point that, that seems like such an unrealistic thing to put their hope in. And that’s the most frustrating part of his comments.

The closer is well accustomed to talking the talk but has rarely ever walked the walk with his play on the field this year. It’s become fairly easy to view his postgame comments as careless cockiness rather than healthy confidence.

Kellan Grant

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  1. was actually 2 out when Jansen loaded the bases. None the less if the Dodgers don’t address this issue it is going to be a long October and even longer off-season.

  2. Jansen can talk about all his confidence but, his pitching is not the same. His velocity between pitches is very similar as he has lost his fastball and his cutter isn’t cutting like it use to. They need an upgrade. He also doesn’t like a runner at 2nd so he balks them over to 3rd? Crazy!

  3. Maybe Kenley needs to realize that some Dodgers fans’ concerns have less to do with what fans “think”, but rather what fans are seeing. Anybody can talk the talk. I want to observe production to back words up. This is not to say that I don’t believe Kenley is capable of getting himself together enough to effectively close a game. But the harsh reality is that right now we definitely need additional support in our bull pen, period. I want to see a lights out reliever in the last innings of a game. No disrespect intended to Kenley but having to pitch 34 pitches to get out of the 9th inning is not exactly “lights out”…..or mediocre for that matter….July 31st is looming and this is about “the team.”

  4. Kelley, I will continue to lift you to Lord for strength, peace, your health and your part of this FANTASTIC Dodger team. God is in control of each of our lives and I know He has this team right where He will be glorified and lives changed. God is Good ALL the Time??

  5. Kenley does not have the intensity. That is where a Diaz or Vasquez will help. He still feels like his stuff is good enough. It probably is. IF he changes his percentage of pitch usage. He has a good slider. He needs to quit shaking off the catcher. When I have been watching, he has done a lot of that, When he uses the slider more; he seems to be more effective. But, he seems to always default to the cutter. The cutter should be a 10-20% option. Still a decent pitch when used sparingly. And if a Diaz or Vasquez comes into the background, then the intensity dials up. With Kenley, intensity and command go hand in hand. For 5+ years, Kenley was #1. Since the middle of last year that has changed. Let’s make a splash with a reliever and get the old Kenley back.

  6. The dodgers must win it all this year!
    Anything less is a disaster .
    Relief pitching must improve ,
    Joc Pederson must not play at first base.

    Dave Roberts while a good manager, must use the eye test more in the playoffs and World Series as Tommy Lasorda did

    Let’s do it

    Lastly , no need to spend all this money for the all star game in 2020

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