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Dodgers: Kenley Jansen Thinks Baseball Needs to Get Moving

The Dodgers should have been in the second game of a series with the Pirates tonight. A few hours from now, fans were supposed to be lining up at the gates to get in and watch their team beat up on Pittsburgh. Obviously, the coronavirus had other plans. 

Baseball is suspended without any start date in sight as of now. Major League Baseball has reportedly been working on all options to get baseball going, including plans to keep fans out of the stands. While the response to that from players has been mostly mixed, the Dodgers Kenley Jansen knows it’s time to get moving. He spoke about the possibility of playing without fans to David Vassegh

I’m thankful and grateful for wearing the Dodger uniform. We don’t know how long we are going to play for and anytime I could put on that uniform on and play with empty seats or whatever they want to do…I’m grateful for that. We gotta do something…People need some kind of entertainment. I think it would be a great thing for us to be out there and I’m ready for it.

Speaking as someone who is certainly a fan of baseball, I would love to see my Dodgers play again under safe circumstances. Kenley had also said that if it has to be in Arizona, he would be okay with that as well. MLB was rumored to be working on a plan to send all teams to Arizona to isolate from the rest of the world. There was another rumored plan that would put teams in Arizona and Florida, changing up the divisions and leagues drastically. 

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Kenley is entering his eleventh season with the Dodgers, with just two years remaining on his five-year deal. The Los Angeles closer could be a free agent as soon as 2022. 

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