Dodgers News: Orel Hershiser Big Mad at Astros, Joe Kelly Fight Club, LA’s Best Ever Prospect, and More!

Despite no baseball, there was some really fun and often thought-provoking stuff that dropped this week.

First, the Bulldog Orel Hershiser gave us an insight into what the Astros cheating really means for the Dodgers… organization wide. It was emotional, moving, and really made you further evaluate what it means for some Dodger stars.

Dodgers: Orel Hershiser Goes Off on the Astros’ Cheating Scandal

On that note, news dropped that one of the players most affected by them cheating ‘stros spoke with the commissioner of baseball.

Dodgers: Kershaw Had a Meeting With Rob Manfred About the Astros

On the note of Clayton Kershaw, Magic — like Hershier — really knows that a championship in Los Angeles means more than just a ring to a player.

Dodgers: Magic Johnson Wants a Ring For Clayton Kershaw

And if we’re talking Astros, you kinda sorta hate to see this — even if it’s an incredible compliment.

Dodgers: Walker Buehler Reveals One Astros Player He Gets Compared To

In other news, LA reliever Joe Kelly had a somewhat busy when he shared his dream-team list of people he would want on his side in his Fight Club.

Dodgers: Joe Kelly Names 5 Teammates He Would Want Backing Him Up in a Fight

But that wasn’t his biggest headline of the week. In fact, Kelly showed us that everybody reacts the exact same way when they break a window.

Dodgers: Watch Joe Kelly’s Home Workout Mishap

ESPN came out and shocked us when they listed the all-time most hyped prospect in Dodgers’ history.

Dodgers: ESPN Names Los Angeles’ Most Hyped Prospect of All Time

If we’re talking prospects, here we start a new endeavour that highlights some potential big-time players you probably have never heard of.

Dodgers: Prospects You Might Have Not Heard Of, Yet!

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  1. The Astros are thieves and the nature of thieves is to lie, cheat and steal. Can’t change their character. It’s when the judge refuses to to the right thing and protects the criminal, that is the bigger crime. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that Manfred will leave of get fired before MLB begins. Just the sight of Manfred upsets me.
    After three years, it still is upsetting.
    Okay, I feel better…..

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