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Dodgers: Jerry Hairston Compares Yasiel Puig to Michael Jordan

Yasiel Puig has been away from the Dodgers for almost a year and a half now. When we sat down to talk with analyst Jerry Hairston this week, we weren’t expecting Puig’s name to come up. But we just couldn’t resist, as we asked J-Hair for his favorite Yasiel story.

As it turns out, Hairston did not have a specific story from when Puig was with the Dodgers, at least not one he could say out loud. Be he did make a VERY interesting comparison between Yasiel and one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

I’m going to word this very carefully. He (Puig) had Michael Jordan type of energy…Michael Jordan had an endless amount of energy. He would play 36 holes, sleep for an hour, get up and play another 36 holes, drive to the stadium and throw up 55 points…Yasiel Puig was the same way.

Very high praise for a man that electrified the Dodgers’ fan base from the moment he arrived. Looking back just seven short years ago, Puig really was that guy that Hairston describes. It seemed like no matter where he was, his motor was always running.

Comparing him to Michael Jordan would normally be something that I would laugh at. But when that praise comes from a Jordan historian like Jerry Hairston, I have to believe that Yasiel Puig was just a different breed of human in terms of the energy he has. Dodgers fans know this all too well, watching Puig put his body on the line every night he played.

Since the Dodgers traded Puig back in 2018, he’s been bouncing around looking for a home. He was traded from the Reds to the Indians, and is now a free agent. It was reported that he had a $10 million offer from one team, but he turned that offer down.


  1. Puig will never be what he could have been because he just can’t control himself! He has the tools of a hall-of-famer and the head of a Venice street person!

  2. Puig will be back with a team, hopefully this year. I have been a Dodger fan since 1958. Maury Wills was the most exciting player I had seen until Yasiel came along. Yes he is emotional and if anything may try too hard at times but at 29 Puig has quite a bit left in the tank and time to prove himself as a great player.

  3. I was so disappointed when the Dodgers traded Puig. He was so much fun to watch and you have to admit, he was great for the team spirit and the LA fan base. I miss him dearly

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