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Dodgers: Kenley Jansen Working on Delivery After Recent Struggles

Manager Dave Roberts is keeping faith in closer Kenley Jansen, which is to be expected considering Jansen’s tenure. Regardless, Jansen is working on his delivery and Dave Roberts was looking on at his bullpen session today, according to Ken Gurnick of

It is good to see Jansen take at least some ownership of his struggles, evident by his willingness to work on the repeatability of his delivery. After being so used to the “Who cares?” attitude of Jansen when he falters, this is somewhat of a step in the right direction.

Expect Jansen to be down for at least Saturday’s game and possibly Sunday’s as well.

Over the last two months, Jansen has posted a brutal 4.74 ERA across 19 innings of work. He has also surrendered an alarming three home runs, including the one Diamondbacks’ Carson Kelly slugged on Friday night to hand Jansen a blown save. Since the All-Star Break, Jansen’s earned run average jumps to an awful 6.75 ERA across eight innings of work that have also seen him allow ten hits and four walks.

Jansen, 31, has declined over the past two seasons and it has been well-documented. Jansen holds a 3.83 ERA on the season and his strikeout rate sits at 32.3%, the second-lowest mark of his career.

Daniel Preciado

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    1. Oh cheer up. Yes we could have had Vasquez to strengthen the BP and possibly replace Jansen but we still have Lux and other prospects waiting in the wings. The future is bright.

      1. I’m glad they didn’t trade the future for a reliever. I just want Jansen out of the closer role he’s no good in 1-2 run games which will be an issue in the playoffs. The Dodgers should be winning titles in the present AND the future. They’re more than good enough. We shouldn’t be saying wait for the future anymore

        1. And there lies the problem, how does any team win now and in the future? Dodgers have a great team now with a clear weakness in BP and yet nothing has been done to change that. Yes FO sign Kelly but that’s failed. So if yo dont want to trade prospects to win now, your only left with hoping for the future. Because this BP wont have a chance to protect a 1 run lead against a stacked lineup like the Yankees or the Astros.

  1. Jansen , working on his delivery is not going to make him a better closer. He just doesn’t have it any longer, sad but true ! He should be sent to the minors for awhile to work out there not up in the majors. See how he does against minor league hitters and that should tell you something, let him keep his salary he no longer earns by being ( ineffective ) surely the Dodgers should think about this , Someone has to have the courage to tell him it’s been nice , your a good guy , but we have to part ways. Thank you for being the competitor that you are. DONE !

  2. You don’t work on your delivery and pitch mix as a closer 2/3rds of the way through the season. That is done in the winter and spring training. Kershaw is a great example he figured out what would work for him with less velocity and look at his record. Jansen may be able to do a similar thing but now is not the time.
    Robert’s is delusional. He should stop being such a “players manager” and manage the team to win in the playoffs.

  3. Face the facts. Jansen is not a quality closer. They keep making excuses and the handwriting is on the wall. Time to move on

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