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Dodgers: Kershaw and Turner Talk Legitimacy of a Short-Season Championship

It’s a conversation that has floated all around baseball even before Rob Manfred mandated a 60-game season. Fans and experts want to know: how legitimate a World Series win would be in a shortened season? Well, the Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw and Justin Turner have an answer for us. 

Speaking in their first media sessions of the new Spring Training, Kershaw and Turner were both asked how they would feel about winning a World Series this year. As expected, both Dodgers players don’t really care too much about the number of regular-season games played. Kershaw spoke on it first. 

To say that’s there’s an asterisk isn’t fair. There needs to be a whole different category for what this season is. It’s gonna feel good no matter what. 

Kershaw’s sentiment seems to match that of most Dodgers players that we have heard from in recent weeks. Justin Turner came out to talk to the media in the hours following Kershaw and was asked a similar version of the same question. 

I think if there’s a championship to be won, we’re gonna do everything in our power to win that championship. People are going to say whatever they say, but if there’s an opportunity to win a championship, we’re gonna show up every day and work towards that goal and do everything we can to win it. We don’t want to let anyone else have that trophy. 

Strong words from two Dodgers veterans who have really been through a lot the last couple of years. Aside from losing back-to-back World Series in 2017 and 2018, the two veterans also had to deal with the fallout of cheating scandals involving teams they lost to.

Add that to the fact that Los Angeles has not had a World Series since 1988, and you can see why they want this so badly. Here’s hoping this is the year the Dodgers go out and get it. 

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  1. If MLB considers the Trash Can championship of 2017 legit, then why would any championship in 2020 be questioned?

  2. One thing going for us is that people can always point to 2 of the last three champions being cheaters and it still counting so maybe this can count too

  3. Now that “Minor League” ball has been 86’d, would rather see this season turned into a player development experiment on all levels to further bring up the youngsters. Move up to November, 2020, the player negotiations that threaten the 2021 season. Get that over and done with and start the 2021 season WITH NO DISTRACTIONS! Highly unlikely, but still, just an idea.

  4. Zimmerman isn’t playing. That’s a pretty big asterisk. They should cancel the season.

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