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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Expects to Get Through the Season

It’s a much better time to be a baseball fan today than it was a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, the happiness that we all felt with the news of an MLB season also came with doubts. Many have wondered whether or not the COVID surges will result in a canceled season, but Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts remains hopeful. 

Roberts spoke with the media on Saturday morning and was asked if he thought MLB could finish up their season. The Dodgers’ skipper didn’t hesitate with his answer

I feel that we’re gonna get through it. I don’t think that our guys should think otherwise. But with that, we have to take precautions that we can and take responsibility for ourselves, our teammates.

With COVID cases rapidly spiking across the country, experts have started to worry that MLB will not be prepared. But based on the results of intake testing that were announced yesterday, baseball was more than ready. Less than two percent of the players and coaches tested came back with a positive result, which was much lower than expected. Despite that, the Dodgers and their manager know that keeping each other accountable is the first priority. 

MLB and the player’s association came together to create a 100-plus page document that entails health and safety guidelines. Whether or not those guidelines are strictly followed will dictate whether or not baseball gets to determine a World Series winner this year. 

The Dodgers have 60-games to get things going and to bring a championship back to Los Angeles. As fans, we know that the team has a tendency to start off a little bit slow at times. Roberts addressed that at his presser and did say that he knows it’s going to be a sprint. 

Here’s hoping that we make it to the end of this season. 

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