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Dodgers LHP Alex Vesia Talks Pitch Clock Affecting His Game

When the MLB announced the new pitch clock for 2023, many people thought the implementation would particularly affect Dodgers pitcher Alex Vesia. Last year, Vesia had the longest average time between pitches on the team at 24.6 seconds. 

With the new pitch clock, there will be 15 seconds from the time a pitcher receives the ball from the catcher or umpire to begin the delivery of the next pitch. Pitchers are given 5 seconds more if there are any runners on base. 

While at FanFest last weekend, Dodgers Nation asked Vesia for his thoughts on the new rule: 

“It’s going to be an adjustment. I hope that they implement it in spring training so we can get familiar with it but other than that we’ll just have to roll with it.”

Vesia takes the longest time between pitches primarily because he had the highest percentage of plate appearances with runners on base out of any pitcher who went up against 50 hitters. 49.8% of the batters Vesia faced came with runners on base, which is a bit higher percentage than Brusdar Graterol and Craig Kimbrel.

Because pitch clocks have been implemented in the minor leagues for several years, Vesia is slightly familiar with them after previously playing in the Triple-A. 

Nevertheless, it is still a factor to get used to. The 26-year-old addressed how the new pitch clock will affect his preparation: 

“I think the biggest concern is being able to do my routine — go behind the mound, rub the ball and kind of reset myself and go. If it has to be a little bit quicker, that’s ok, I’m not worried about it.”

The lefty was thrown a curveball with this one but is expected to take on the modification with ease. As the elite pitcher he is, Vesia is looking to make the necessary revisions to his game, hopefully starting in Spring training.

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