Dodgers: Looking at Potential Trade Candidates, Could David Price be on the Move?

Before the Trevor Bauer signing can be official, the Dodgers need to clear a roster spot on the 40-man. Additionally, chances are Andrew Friedman will be looking to clear a little payroll, particularly before potentially re-signing free agent Justin Turner, if they go that route.

So who could be on the move?

A name thrown around early and often has been that of starter David Price. On a club that’s clearly prioritizing starting pitching, would Price be the best move? Among other high-value (expensive) options, is Kenley Jansen a tradeable asset?


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  1. Although I like Price, Jansen and Kelly ,If I could trade all 3 of them and not have to pay the majority of their salaries I would do it in a heartbeat. None of them are critical components to winn the World Series. Jansen would be the hardest to part with.

  2. Yes, trade Price AND Jansen, though trading the former would be easier than the latter. The Dodgers would have to throw in a prospect or two to move Jansen and his contract, wouldn’t they? The Angles may have room for both of these contracts.

    1. Who else they would have to add depends on how much the team needs them. Would you trade Jansen and Kelly for a couple low level prospects just to dump their salaries? I would. But not to anyone in our division. A team like the Angels need them bad enough we might get more than a couple low level prospects.

  3. Price is an albatross, there is a reason he was packaged with Mookie

    If they can dump his salary, that would be ideal; Hes not a bad pitcher, but hes not the pitcher he was. I dont think anyone will take him on, so i’m hoping a change of scenery and coaching will bring him back to life – or he’ll sit out again for his family’s safety.

    Kershaw, Beuhler, Bauer, Urias is a perfect starting/play-off rotation with May/Gonso fighting it out for #5. May seems more fit for the BP at this point when the whole weight of the game isn’t on him. Needs more time to build up durable confidence.

    1. I think we should get under salary cap by getting rid of Kelly and janson possibly price and try to get a legitimate 3rd baseman we can always put urias as the closer and try to pry Nolan or matt from their teams if possible

  4. For as long as, Roberts will be at the helm, he will want to keep, his so-called faithful leader in Jansen. However, it wouldn’t hurt me at all, if Price and Jensen, would be gone. Just trade them for a bag of balls and some popcorn.

  5. Trading Price is obviously optimal move right now, finding the right/best deal is the challenge for Andrew Friedman but he can it, if it’s out there.

  6. Who else they would have to add depends on how much the team needs them. Would you trade Jansen and Kelly for a couple low level prospects just to dump their salaries? I would. But not to anyone in our division. A team like the Angels need them bad enough we might get more than a couple low level prospects.

  7. Price is only costing the Dodgers half his salary, since the other half is coming from Boston. However, he is keeping either Urias, Gonsolin, or May out in the cold for another year. Here is my suggestion. The Dodgers need an established younger 3d base bat. (In the past, Turner has agreed to play 1st or 2d if the Dodgers needed him to.) The Cardinals need a catcher to back up Molina and replace him when he retires in a year or so. They also need a 2B after parting ways with Wong. They also need a starting pitcher since Martinez and Mikolas are questionable this year due to injuries. Price gives them a solid one year starter for relatively cheap given the Boston salary contribution (which the Dodgers could pass on to the Cards). Gilberto Ruiz is a major league ready top catching prospect the Dodgers do not need due to Smith and Barnes. Mike Busch will be ready at 2d in a year or so, and Turner can play there until then. Lux is a top prospect, but has not really played out there for the Dodgers as yet, but still as a huge upside. . So… offer Price, Lux, and Ruiz for Arenado, then sign Turner with the money saved from trading Price. I know that no one has yet ever traded a superstar in the same year they obtained him, but there is no rule against it. St. Louis plugs up three holes and loses a ton of salary while there is still a free agent or two out there.

    1. Even if Turner & Price are a wash, that’s an additional 26M for Arenado, that ain’t happening. My guess is if they do trade Price in a scenario like this for a RHB, they don’t sign Turner, or if they trade Price for prospects, then they do bring him back.

  8. I would love to see one or two of these playing for the Dodgers: Arenado, Jose Ramirez, Anthony Rendon, Justin Turner, and Kris Bryant. They are in order of priority! Turner can be the DH or play first or second.

  9. Trade price ,Ruiz for Arozarena.Will Smith catcher for next 10 years no need to keep the Kid down in minors and you get rid of price’s high salary for 2 years.

  10. I agree that it would be good to move Price and Jansen while retaining Turner. But, what about another outfielder? Taylor is all we have except for the starters.

  11. Arozarena is/was in trouble for hitting his girlfriend/wife or something along those lines. Not a good idea to bring that over.

  12. 3rd Base targets should include the A’s Matt Chapman, a young Gold Glover with power.
    At some point Billy Beane won’t be able to afford him. Perhaps a package of Lux + Price could be a start…
    If Turner leaves, a move could be necessary. But even if Turner returns, it makes sense to move him to 1B and put a better glove at 3rd.
    I don’t see the Cards flipping Arenado anytime soon.
    Still, it would be interesting to see what Edwin Rios could produce with more opportunity.

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