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Dodgers: Los Angeles City Council Has a World Series Request for MLB

First and foremost, I am going to say that I disagree with the Los Angeles City Council almost entirely. Wanting the Dodgers to get their justice is one thing, but this is beyond irrational. Their efforts could aid Major League Baseball in potentially vacating the Houston Astros 2017 World Series title in which they earned it over the Dodgers, but what exactly does that accomplish?

The Dodgers may have deserved the World Series title, but it is in the past. The Dodgers simply should not be awarded the title. It’s not feasible and it is not collegiate sports. This is fairly similar to when Dodger fans requested that MLB award the 2011 MVP award to Matt Kemp after Ryan Braun was convicted of using performance enhancing drugs. They didn’t change the ruling just like they will not in this situation.

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You can make your own judgments regarding the Los Angeles City Council’s ruling, of course, but that’s my opinion on the matter.

The Los Angeles Times wrote up on their own column on the matter as well. Below is the full document submitted to MLB by the council.

Councilman Gil Cedillo stated the following and in doing so, he is making the city of Los Angeles look desperate. It looks like an act of desperation for all of those involved:

“This is an equity and justice thing. Who was the best team in 2017? Who was the best team in 2018? It was the Dodgers. They got beat by teams that were cheating.”

First of all, the Dodgers were not the best team in baseball in 2018. Even if the Red Sox had cheated, they got destroyed in a five-game series. The Astros represent a different story — the Dodgers likely would have won that series.

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At this point it honestly seems as if the city of Los Angeles is desperate and they likely had no input from the Dodgers’ organization themselves. Ask yourself, do you think Dave Roberts, Andrew Friedman, or any of the players from that 2017 club to want this outcome? Sure, they might dream of it, but it ruins a certain aspect of the situation if this were done.

In all likelihood, this will get shot down by Major League Baseball without them even batting an eye.

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Daniel Preciado

My name is Daniel Preciado and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore Sport Analytics major and Cognitive Science and Economics dual minor at Syracuse University. When I am not in New York, I live in Whittier, California --- not too far from Chavez Ravine. I am pretty old-school for being an analytics guy and I will always embrace debate. Also, Chase Utley did absolutely nothing wrong.


  1. As I said before, why should rules of one sport be different from the others? Most sports say if you cheat you’re stripped of your title whether it’s boxing, horse racing or almost any other sport. Come on people wake up and make the rules to fit the crime. You don’t have to give the title to anyone else just take away the winnings and everything that went with it, it’s only fair. How does this sound ( yeah I cheated but I still have my championship ring, I still got my bonus Ha Ha Ha! ). Well that’s just great. Good going MLB

  2. To the city council: leave it alone, as a dodger fan it is not a good thing to do. I’m sure all dodger fans don’t want this. Just think, if we were to get awarded the trophies for those two years, they would be calling the dodgers cry babies, and things would get out of hand again

    1. So I have two ideas. #1 No World Series Champion: 2017 and 2018. That should go into the books. All rings, bonus money, trophy”s and anything else stripped from both teams. #2 Play them both over figure it out all players at that time have to suit up even if retired or traded.

  3. Yeah, strip the Astros and Red Sox. I do NOT expect the trophies being shipped to L.A.

    But, I definitely disagree with Daniel, an 18-year old, who says that the “Dodgers got destroyed by Boston”. Well, if someone was cheating and KNEW what pitch was coming ever single time, of course they’re going to “destroy” the other team! Plus, Alex Cora had another year to perfect his schemes.

    The outcome would have been quite different if there was no cheating. Period.

    Need another example, Daniel? How about those 2001 Patriots? They won (and the next four Super Bowls) because they cheated! The filmed the other teams practices. Even so much that when the Rams put in a special play for Marshall Faulk during their walk-thru the DAY BEFORE the game, three defenders were around Faulk when they actually ran the play. And, according to Faulk, “all smiling”. The Rams had NEVER run that play before- in practice or a game. But the Cheatriots filmed it, and then defended it…with THREE guys.

    You have a lot to learn, Daniel…

  4. I don’t think the MLB should summarily award the 2017 WS championship to the Dodgers but if they could I would like to see them vacate the 2017 WS in its entirety. Houston doesn’t get to fly a WS banner at the ballpark, they don’t get it use it in any marketing, they don’t get to display the WS Championship trophy and the commissioners imposed discipline should have required the Astros to return the team and player playoff allotment awarded to them as WS champs.

    1. AGREED. There has to be some punishment that affects more than the Manager and the GM, otherwise this will continue for eternity. Vacating the Championship says THE ASTROS, ALL OF THEM, CHEATED, not just the Manager and the GM. It puts an asterisk next to their name which all solid fans will recognize for what it is… THE TAG OF SHAME!. And they ought to give Mike Fiers a lifetime achievement award for being honest about it…

  5. The city council’s rhetoric is ridiculous and they should clam up before embarrassing themselves further. Apparently, it hasn’t occurred to them that the Yankees have the same beef about the ALCS that went 7 games in which the Astros only won the games at home. Let it go, move on, and maintain some dignity in face of the loss.

  6. I say build a bridge and get over it…we know it was wrong, the past is the past. GO ?

  7. I have been a Dodger fan all 55 years of my life even though I have moved my family far from SoCal. The city of Los Angeles has much more important things to do than cry about a WS loss in 2017. I love baseball and the last 3 years of Dodger baseball have been amazing. City of LA officials, take care of you homeless, your budget deficits, and clearing brush to limit wildfire losses. Leave the game of baseball alone. Win or lose, I will always love the Dodgers!

  8. Let me ask you all this…the very least the Commissioner, who is gutless should do is award those forfeited draft picks from the Astros to the Dodgers for both 2020 and 2021. What do ya think about this here?

    1. Paul … You can’t. The Yankees – and I hate the Yankees – were injured every bit as the Dodgers.

  9. I strongly feel that MLB should strip the Astros and the Red Sox of their titles. They cheated to win it. Mot if not all players either participated or were aware of the cheating. They need punishment as well. They should have to give up their trophy and their rings. However awarding the championship to the Dodgers would be foolish and I can’t imagine anyone on the team then or now would want to get the title that way. It should be noted for all to see in the future that these two teams cheated to win and it was taken away from them. And where are the lifetime bans? This is way more serious than anything Pete Rose did!

    1. Agree with what all ya said here Dave. The punishment the Astros got was barely a slap on the wrist and the gutless Manfred must understand that Dodgers and most likely most other teams feel this same way and cannot be blamed for being truly angry at MLB over this.

  10. I agree with all here. I would not want the trophy. But vacate the victory from the Astros. Heck yeah. They sure in heck don’t deserve it.

  11. Strip the Astros 2017 title? Yes. Possibly strip the Red Sox 2018 title pending further evidence of cheating? Yes. Award either title to the Dodgers? No. You have to win it on the field. Declare the Astros and possibly the red Sox ineligible for postseason play for one or two years? Hmmm. Maybe. That would surely make every contending team think twice about cheating. It would also kill their attendance, which might go too far. You’d be punishing the fans too.


  13. If you are familiar with many of the City of Los Angeles’ City Council proclamations and ordinances, you will find most are completely ridiculous as this one.

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