Dodgers: Los Angeles May Not Get the Chance to Extend Corey Seager Before Free Agency

The Dodgers are probably running out of time to sign Corey Seager to an extension. The closer we draw to the start of Spring Training, the less likely a deal seems. After all, Seager and his agent will probably want that opportunity to test free agency unless Los Angeles blows them away with an offer. 

Seager is coming off of one of the best years of his career, albeit in a shortened season. But the 2020 season culminated in not just a Dodgers World Series, but an MVP trophy for his performances in that series as well as the NLCS. 

A big part of the reason why he had so much success was that 2020 was the first time in a few years he was healthy. No more lingering side effects from his hip surgery or Tommy John, and no major hamstring issues to slow him down. The Dodgers played him in 52 regular-season games, and he stayed healthy. 

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David Vassegh also believes that the Dodgers are running out of time to get a deal done. In fact, he doesn’t see a deal getting done at all before the season starts, especially if the Mets don’t extend Francisco Lindor. 

Don’t forget his agent is Scott Boras. Scott Boras does like to take his clients to what they have rightfully earned, and that’s free agency. And when you get to free agency and other teams start to bid on you, all bets are off. I don’t see the Dodgers and Seager going for an extension at this point in time, especially before Lindor and the Mets come to some sort of extension. 

The connection there is that the Dodgers would have the opportunity to sign Lindor in the offseason if there is not an extension. That seems to be loosely connected and doesn’t really seem like it would be a factor in their efforts to extend Seager. 

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  1. The issue is Seager, he and his new wife have stated they would like to buy a farm near their families in North Carolina. If that is correct it makes sense if Seager looks to play for an East Coast team. Perhaps the Phillies or Nats will sign him.
    It is extremely important Lux get his offense in gear so he can move over if or when Seager leaves. I truly hope Seager re-signs with the Dodgers but I think there is a good chance he goes elsewhere. Its a business lets see how this plays out.

    1. I honestly don’t understand what buying a farm in North Carolina has to do with which team you play for. Are you suggesting on off days Seager would fly back to his farm, milk a cow, and fly back to rejoin the team?

  2. Boras is a jerk. The Dodgers have to wait and see if Seager comes back down to earth in 2021 which could save the team some millions if Seager stays which is more likely if he has a good but not great year. He will be expensive either way so Freidman has to wait and see. If Seager wants a chance at multiple WS rings then he could stay Boras or not.

  3. The gall of these athletes in a pandemic when people are dying, have lost their job(s) and don’t have enough to eat.Tell Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI to get a clue.

  4. BORAS. If Corey isn’t open for an extension now, then trade him to the Rockies for Trevor Story and some pitching filler like Mitchell White. Then extend him. Better defense. Cheaper. Good offensive production. No Boras. And you get your right handed bat.

  5. Dodgers better offer him the big money same way they did with Mookie.Seagers best years are coming starting this year.Batting title MVP’s here they come. Friedman get your head out of your butt and sign Seager,padres are already trying to extend Tatis on his 3rd year,You too should try harder and don’t forget it’s not your money. Seager is already the best shortstop but knowing you are in love with steroids lindor.

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