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Dodgers: Latest Odds Have Los Angeles As Trevor Bauer’s Most Likely Landing Spot

The Trevor Bauer to Los Angeles rumors seem to grow a little more with each passing hour. The Dodgers were connected to Bauer from the start of his free agency, but talk around the two sides seems to have picked up quite a bit in recent days. 

Those rumors aren’t going away any time soon it would seem, as the latest sports betting odds confirm it. Bovada listed the Dodgers as the favorite to land Trevor Bauer in free agency with the Anaheim Angels just behind them. Los Angeles is at +150 while the Angels are at +200 to sign the right-handed pitcher. 

A lot of things would need to go right in order to make that signing possible, but the Dodgers adding Bauer in would improve the rotation. Any time a team gets the chance to sign the reigning Cy Young award winner, it will always improve your chances at (another) title. 

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While it is entirely possible, a Bauer signing is not without its obstacles. The Dodgers would likely want him at a much shorter deal with a high annual average, which they can easily do. But if another team is willing to go longer on a contract and guarantee years, it would be in Bauer’s best interest to go that route. 

The Dodgers also have a whole lot of depth in their starting rotation. Adding Bauer into the mix would likely take away a spot from a young arm if they plan on keeping everyone. That would leave Dustin May, Julio Urias, and Tony Gonsolin all fighting for 1 spot in the rotation. 

Alternatively, the Dodgers could look to trade someone. They could try to move David Price’s contract, or they could trade from their young depth. Los Angeles could also just move young arms to the bullpen and make their relief team even better. The good news? There are a lot of options. 

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  1. Adding Bauer would certainly shut up the Padres fans for a few minutes, but it really remains a long shot. The Dodgers don’t need him, But the Angels truly NEED him. You have to believe they will outbid the Dodgers

    1. Trade Price to the Angels for David Fletcher, sign Bauer — get ready for spring training

  2. If Dodgers sign Bauer, that means they’re going to go with Rios/Smith at 3B. They can move Dustin May to the pen for one year until Price leaves in 2021. Then slot May in back at 2022, so that it would be Buehler, Kershaw, Bauer, Urias, and May–with Gonsolin, Jimmy Nelson, and Josiah Gray filling in

  3. Sign Bauer, talk about a group of starting pitchers WOW!
    Andrew’s to do List:

    1. Sign Justin “MR. Dodger” Turner
    2. Sign Trevor Bauer (make Urias the closer) (starters Buehler, Kershaw, Bauer, Price, and May/Gonsolin.) (the top starters in all of baseball)
    3. Trade for or Purchase a Big right handed Bat
    4. Win Second World Championship in as many years!

  4. The SoCal dream of a true Freeway Series in October requires that the Angels sign Bauer. Further, Bauer should pitch every four days, as he wishes–and as guys like Koufax and Drysdale did routinely. If Ohtani’s arm is up for pitching–a big if–Angels would suddenly have a strong mix of SPs : Bauer, Ohtani, Bundy, Quintana, Heany, Canning.
    Adding Bauer to the Dodgers could hold back Urias, May, Gonsolin–and also mean less $$ for extensions to Seager, Buhler, Belli.
    As for offense, the first step is to resign Turner.
    Friedman wants to add another righthanded bat. An argument can be made for Ozuna or Semien or, if there’s a DH, one year of Nelson Cruz. (I doubt Cruz, though, because Roberts likes to mix up DH to provide rest and improve match ups.)
    The alternative is to trade for a bat. If Kris Bryant can be had for a package of prospects, why not? (But not Ruiz or Cartaya.) Ideal lineup, with DH, would have JT move to 1B, Bryant at 3B, Muncy at DH and Lux at 2B (fingers crossed). If Lux can’t deliver, there’s always Taylor, and Muncy is “serviceable” at 2B–and the first rounder Busch is getting raves. Bryant’s ability to play OF is a bonus in case of injury or whatever.
    All said, I’d still like to see Edwin Rios get more of a chance to prove himself–and bat against Bauer in October.

  5. Any pitcher would want to join the historic Dodger rotation being lined up for the next several years. Even without Bauer we are looking at a potential dynasty capable of winning 5 WS in a row.

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