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Dodgers Lose 8 Prospects in MLB’s Rule 5 Draft

The expectation around Major League Baseball was that the Rule 5 draft would be much different in 2020 than in years past. That was based on the fact that there was not a minor league season in 2020, so teams could not see players develop in other organizations. That turned out to be very wrong, as the Dodgers alone lost out on 8 of their own prospects. 

The Rule 5 draft opens up non-40-man rostered players to be taken by other organizations. Clubs must pay $100,000 per player selected in the Major League portion of the draft. If he does not stay on the MLB roster for the full season, then he must be offered back to his team for half of that cost. There are no roster restrictions for the minor league picks. The Dodgers lost 2 in the Major League phase.

In the first round of the Major League phase, the Rangers took RHP Brett de Geus from the Dodgers with the second pick. De Geus was Los Angeles’ number 27 prospect with 2 professional seasons under his belt. They also lost prized 2017 first-round pick Jordan Sheffield to the Rockies a few picks later. 

In the minor league rounds, the Dodgers lost a few more arms in Shea Spitzbarth and Tyler Gilbert. They also lost shortstop Errol Robinson, outfielder Chris Roller, infielder Drew Jackson, and infielder Marcus Chiu. Aside from de Geus, the Dodgers did not lose any players rated out in their top 30 prospects. 

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  1. With the depth the Dodgers have, they didn’t lose much. In fact, they have so much depth that I forgot all about Errol Robinson! I’m glad they were able to keep OF Cody Thomas.

    So, here’s hoping they can add a quality LHP reliever like Brad Hand or Alex Wood to the bullpen and then see how the rest of the market plays out. At some point Turner’s, Hernandez’s and Peterson’s agents will get back to Friedman and tell him what they have in offers, then Friedman will decide.

    I’m hoping for a long-term deal for Seager, re-sign Turner, and maybe that “big RH bat” Friedman was looking for.

    1. I’ve been wondering for a while now, and maybe you have the answer, but which LH bat would the “big RH bat” replace in the lineup? What position does this guy play…infield or outfield? Will this RH bat replace one of the LH starters or is he simply a bat off the bench with an occasional start? In 2020, Roberts’ lineup was pretty consistant with less platooning than previous season. Will Doc continue this way in 2021 since the result was part of the reason for a WS championship, IMHO.

      Not being critical of your wanting that RH bat. I’ve just not seen anyone say exactly how/where this bat fits. Your insight would be appreciated.

  2. Eight players lost in Rule 5 Draft!
    Is that a record? ?
    A minor positive is our team collected $800,000 and will probably get around half back for $200,000.

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