Dodgers 2020 Outfield Grades: Mookie Betts, Cody Bellinger, A.J. Pollock, Joc Pederson & More!

After winning their first World Series title in 32 years, the Los Angeles Dodgers season is now complete! Now it’s time to start handing out grades for the 2020 season and for the fourth part of this series, we take a look at the Dodgers outfielders.

Note: these grades include the regular season and postseason.

We hand out grades and assess the 2020 campaigns for Mookie Betts, Cody Bellinger, A.J. Pollock, Chris Taylor, Joc Pederson, and more! Plus, a look at the future for each member of the 2020 Dodgers Outfield. 

Here are our end-of-season grades for the 2020 Dodgers outfielders:

Even with a struggling Bellinger, this LA outfield got it done all season long — especially in the postseason. Do you agree with these grades? Let me know your takes in the comments below!

Grading Scale:

  • A = Elite
  • B = Baller
  • C = Average
  • D = Dude Get It Together
  • F = Fail

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