Dodgers Lose to Brewers: Craig Kimbrel Blows it Again, LA Needs a New Closer

The Dodgers fought hard to put themselves in position to win a ballgame but Craig Kimbrel and the Brewers had other ideas. LA’s closer (for now) falters once again as the Brew Crew walks it off against the boys in blue.

Dodgers fans didn’t pull any punches when it came to Kimbrel and his status as the closer. We talk about alternative options for the 9th and save situations. A closer-by-committee approach, and react to a tough loss in Milwaukee.

Craig Kimbrel Blows it Again, Dodgers Need a New Closer for the Postseason, Dodgers Lose to Brewers

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  1. I’ve harping about this for the last 3 months. Either he’s washed up or he’s injured and hiding it. Either way, he’s got to go. But Roberts won’t do what needs to be done. They should use Philips for now.

    • Honestly I never see any other players coming up and encouraging him when it gets dicey. What ever happened to team mates? You got this, calm down. I think when he’s on he’s outstanding, but he has to be in every game, and another thing , I hate the ghost runner in extra innings, along with the shift

  2. If we continue to use Kimbrel in close games especially in the playoffs, we can kiss thoughts of a world series goodbye. He is way past his prime. When he comes in with his 4.5 ERA, we are going to give out runs. He is not a lockdown closer by any means. Phillips has been lights out this year.

  3. I can’t remember if Craig Krimbal has had a clean inning this year! Just not reliable weather it’s in a playoff situation like last night or the dodgers have a 4 run lead!

  4. Good News is they don’t need go outside for a Closer to replace Kimbrel, they have 3-4 guys already pitching 1 inning in the games that are proven and simply need to make that switch and with 2 more relievers slated to come back… they’re in great shape, just need to make the move
    Roberts knows this, with the big lead he has plenty of time to experiment

  5. Wouldn’t Kimbrel be more happy at Oklahoma City? When will Roberts figure out to use him
    in mop up games or in the fifth or sixth innings while blow ups can still be fixed? Ridiculous. No close out, no championship.

  6. Does Dave Roberts see what everyone here and in the MLB , what’s going on with Kimbrel!!
    Roberts keeps saying that he has faith in Kimbrel , just as he said about Jansen. Maybe Roberts and Kimbrel need to go!!

  7. The Dodgers have it made. Other teams might need another bat, starting pitcher or whatever. The Dodgers are fortunate because they need a closer and all they have do to improve is to use any one of their bullpen arms not named Kimbrel.

  8. I watched that game thinking to myself, “Kimbrel has passed his prime. He just isn’t what he used to be.” What’s his save record now, like 3-5? The rest of the bullpen has btheen so good. All I’m hoping for is that Treinen can get healthy by the post season to at least give the team an option, because unless Kimbrel cam do a 180, he’s not going to be much help

  9. Roberts puts supporting players’ feelings over what’s best for the team. it is obvious Kimbrel still has no command of any of his pitches. he walks way too many to be our closer, and also gives up too many solid hits when he can’t locate his pitches. if Roberts wants to let Kimbrel work things out, fine, but not in close games or in the last inning. the bullpen is the best place for that.

  10. Craig Crumbles blew his 6 lead and his 4th game. The guy is horrible. He cannot pitch a clean inning , he throws the same pitches over and over. Dave Robert’s is to blame. Release this dude once Brusrad, Blake come back.