Dodgers: Major Shakeup Options For Struggling Team & Is Corey Seager’s Defense Hurting LA?

The Los Angeles Dodgers continue their slide down the standings having lost 13 of their last 17 games. We dive into why the Dodgers haven’t been able to get back on track and how the little things continue to lead to close losses.

Next, we take a look at Corey Seager’s defensive performance at shortstop and discuss how much longer he’ll be playing the position. Plus, we explore several different lineup options that could jumpstart the underperforming Dodgers offense.


Focusing on the Seager front, the numbers and eye test are telling us the story that there is something very wrong with the LA shortstop. Some have openly wondered if he’s dealing with a secret injury much like Edwin Rios was all season. But this honestly seems more mental than physical.

What are your takes on Corey and everything else going wrong with the Dodgers?


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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. The Dodgers will be ok. If you want to look at the last three weeks, there is a lot of reasons – not blame- to go around. Injuries, slumps, bull pen, luck and really bad moves on the managerial department and perhaps a natural let down from last year all “help” the present situation. It’s early and the Dodgers will figure it out. Btw, Corey Seager probably is a very good third baseman.

  2. Does anyone here feel that Seager has to change his approach at the plate. Other teams know he loves the first pitch fastball, especially inside. They are pitching him away away away slow, and the left side of the field is empty. Take advantage, then the opposition will adjust both pitch selection and defensive positioning. Thus opening those holes for him.

  3. Look no further than Robert’s. He has thrown the whole team under the bus except Kershaw. Sooner or later when we are watching the playoffs from the bench

    1. What we have seen is Roberts struggling with tough decisions to make so far this year that he didn’t have to make last year as a result of having the extra bat in the lineup as opposed to the pitcher having to bat especially in late inning tight game situations this year. Most recently, the wrong decision to leave Beaty completely out of that Tuesday double header while sticking Rios in with what is now known to have shoulder inflammation.

  4. The Dodgers bullpen and defensive weaknesses have been exposed by the lack of offense. There is no sense worrying about it (because it won’t matter) if the Dodgers don’t start hitting!

  5. My biggest concern with Seager is his defense. He has always been a streaker hitter so he’s going to hit sooner or later. Has anyone noticed that he back hands (we used to call it the ole’ play) every ball hit to his throwing side? That either means he’s lazy or he’s hurting. I don’t think he’s lazy at all. Then you add his weak throwing into the mix and it seems to point towards an injury. This is his free agency year and for Seager he has millions and millions of reasons to cover that up.

    1. That may very well be the case with Seager right now, covering up some sort of ailment that certainly may a lot to do with his sub par performance defensively and with the bat. Look how they finally found out about Rios and his shoulder inflammation.

    2. Corey has done the ole forever. His bat got him on the Dodgers and keeps him playing SS. Hopefully he’s pressing in his contract year and is not injured. We need him and Betts to hit. The rest will follow!

  6. Dodgers need a new manager That makes better baseball decisions.
    A new pitching coach that teaches relief pitchers to throw strikes and hold runners on base.They are letting opposition turn walks in to doubles.
    A new hitting coach that teaches hitters to stop hitters from trying to pull every pitch and hit home runs. Problems solved.

  7. Anyone getting hot could pull the Dodgers out of their slump. But the biggest guy that could lead a turnaround is Betts. If he starts hitting the ball, and doing the other Mookie things, it would fire up the rest of the team. The Dodgers need an attitude adjustment. Hopefully Betts will get hot and the others will feed off it.

    1. yup – this is the crux of their problem. Need Betts to earn his big bucks and hit/get on base a lot. Hopefully the back injury is getting batter. If not that’s gonna hurt the team all season

  8. It’s time 4 Michael Scioscia to come home. I really like Dave Roberts but the dodgers need a bump from a true warrior. Time for SCIOSCIA 2come home. My opinion .

    1. Yeah his last decade with the Halos were so impressive weren’t they? The Dodgers have the best manager available. Quit crying

  9. Joc did carry the team at times an came up big early last year an playoffs.oppossing pitchers are not afraid of his replacements

    1. absence makes the heart grow fonder. Joc never carried the team! Hit a few solo HRs now and then, but he’s not missed on the field this year. We miss Zach!

  10. Come on guys, the pen has blown most of the games in this terrible stretch. When you get 5,6, and 7 runs and still lose, it is the pen. You get two and they get three in the bottom. That is pitching, and Pujols is not a reliever. Let your starters pitching well go longer! Stop relying on a horrible pen!

  11. Seager should have stayed with Nike! Not Adidas…no wonder he is not playing well ?????

  12. Biggest problem is betts he gets paid 30 million to be the catalyst and he’s not showing up once he starts getting on base dodgers will turn it around and Roberts should stop giving days off every 5 days C’mon man these grown men playing a 3 hour game only not doing construction work or heavy lifting for 8 hours. Let them play

    1. Betts is hurting. back from an injured back he’s trying to get better and play at the same time. Last few games have been encouraging. Last night was great. Hope he comes all the way back – he’s the Dodger MVP when he’s healthy and producing!

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