Dodgers making a run, but is it just a tease?

Is there a doubt in any Dodger fan’s mind that this season is going to end with the same emotional letdown that it has carried throughout the year?

As soon as things appear to be good, there always seems to be a downturn. As soon as things appear to be hopeless, the Boys in Blue inject a bit of hope into all of our lives.

And yet, here we are, trailing the final wild-card spot by just three games with six left to play. Is it unlikely that any team could climb out of that hole? Sure.

Impossible, though? No.

Just over one month since the blockbuster trade that was expected to push the Dodgers into the playoffs, it seems things may have finally come together for this group of guys.

In their past two games, the Dodgers have slammed out 28 hits and 16 runs during a much-needed two-game winning streak.

At the heart of the recent surge was the guy expected to ignite the team one month ago, Adrian Gonzalez, who is riding a nine-game hitting streak in which he’s hitting .378, including four straight two-hit games.

But the question remains: Is it all too little too late?

The good news for LA is that their schedule is finally about to let up, with three games against the lowly Rockies before an end-of-season series against the Giants.

For St. Louis, the schedule is about to get a bit tougher, with six games against a pair of division leaders — Washington and Cincinnati.

So what do you know, things are finally looking up in Dodgertown. The schedule is favorable, the bats are heating up and hope is just beginning to stir.

Then again, maybe we’re all just setting ourselves up for another Dodger letdown.

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