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Dodgers: Manny Machado Downplays Bet He Made About Padres Winning the World Series

It wasn’t long ago that a fan a Dodgers fan got Manny Machado’s attention with some heckling at Chavez Ravine. You might remember the video where Manny bets his entire $300 million contract that he received from the Padres.

In the heckling video, the Dodgers fan congratulates Manny on his 10-year deal and jokes about him getting the next 10 Octobers off of work. Machado then comes back with a bold challenge.

I’ll bet you my contract that we win a World Series before you guys do.

If you remember, the Padres signed Machado with a lucrative 10 year, $300 million deal back in February of 2019. The Dodgers just eliminated the Padres from the postseason with a dominating three-game sweep in the Division Series. So if San Diego is going to win a World Series, it won’t be this year. 

So what happens if the Dodgers do win it all this year? Does Manny Machado track down the fan and pay him what he owes him? Probably not. Machado was recently asked about the exchange by Dennis Lin of The Atheltic. Manny feigned ignorance when reminded of the bet though, saying that he would have to go back and check Twitter. 

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  1. It’s interesting that Machado never misses an opportunity to be a “putz.” I guess that’s what the Dodgers saw in him during that late summer fling. Rather than pretending he didn’t say it, he could have laughed it off by noting the Dodgers are still 8 games away from making him lose the bet or that he’d pay it off in Dodger Dogs something clever like that. But no, he’d rather be a “putz.” He’s good at that.

    1. Although I agree that Machado has not yet lost his “bet”, I believe that most Dodgers’ fans are hopeful that we can get to and win the 2020 World Series. Now whether we are able to take it all this year remains to be seen, but what does not remain to be seen is this simple fact regarding Machado’s “bet”: the Dodgers ended the Padres 2020 postseason. Thus, the Padres have absolutely ZERO CHANCE of winning this year’s World Series; whereas, we still have a chance to win. GO DODGERS!

      1. True, but that wasn’t the bet. The bet was Simply that the Padres would win a championship before the Dodgers. Personally I think this is the Dodgers year. I love how they’ve adapted their game to fit the new park in Arlington. It should give them an advantage going forward if they stick to their new strategies.

  2. Machado you never learn when to keep your BIG MOUTH SHUT DO YOU!! The term CRYBABY fits YOU SO PERFECTLY!!!! And we hope that you are going to be able to hold up your end of that REDICOUSLY BET that you made with a Dodger Fan…who does that!! And you call yourself a professional ball player..THAT IS A JOKE!!!!

  3. The first sign that something was up with this guy was when he got traded here and all he could say was it’s going to be interesting

  4. Dodgers got a better player and a better person in Mookie Betts. True leader rather than a trash talking moron

  5. Padres lost fair and square. As a Padres fan Ill accept that. They may win that bet. Realistic to pay up on that, not sure. As a Padres fan I love the passion behind that statement and I don’t fault Manny one bit. That’s ride or die with my home town. SD always baby!

  6. So glad the Dodgers let that idiot walk. Mookie Betts is a better player AND a better human being.

  7. Typical Manny. Lyin his way out of everything. Just like his little tyrad the other night with the F. bombs. Just trying to get TV time. Can’t do sh*t otherwise so cry like a little bitch. See your ass next year Manny. Have a nice winter off.

  8. Agree with the rest on here, Machado showing his immaturity highlights the reason the Dodgers did not sign him long term. Yes, he is a very talented player but for $100 million plus for 10 years you need a leader! Look at Betts and then look at Machado! The Dodgers got the better Man.
    The Dodgers have highlighted the reason they are a threat for the next 5-10 years! Look at that group of young Arms!
    Buehler, Urias, May, Gonsolin, Gonzalez, Graterol, and earlier this year White and Gray plus several others in the wings and the Dodgers had a PLUS haul of young pitchers in this year’s draft! Not to mention a high school phenom that grades out to be a 5 tool player. The Padres are a very good team the Dodgers are better and will continue to be better for the foreseeable future.
    If Lux can figure it out .

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