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Dodgers: Your Chance to Cheer on the Team in the NLCS at Dodger Stadium Drive-In

Dodgers fans that were hoping to get a chance to cheer for the team live may have their chance, sort of. While there are tickets being sold to the National League Championship Series in Texas, not everyone has the opportunity to make that trip.

So instead, the Dodgers are bringing the action to you. My Dodger Members are getting the opportunity for early registration to a viewing party beginning at 6 PM tonight for presale members. That is less than an hour away as of this post. The event will allow one ticket per customer and that accounts for one vehicle into Dodger Stadium. The viewings will take place on 60-foot screens in the parking lot with audio broadcasting through an FM transmitter, per the team.

If you would like to get your ticket to watch the Dodgers in the NLCS, head to this link here. Tickets go on sale tonight and are not expected to last very long. During the viewing, fans are not allowed to leave their cars except for the purpose of using the restrooms. Masks will be required when outside of the vehicle and social distancing will be a part of the protocols. The price per vehicle is going to be $75 to get into the stadium. 

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  1. “The price per vehicle is going to be $75 to get into the stadium.” No thanks, I will pass and If something should happen, a TV is much easier to replace than a front window to a car.

  2. Pure greed with zero empathy for the economic impact the pandemic has had on fans. This should be offered for free or at least a lot less than $75 –disgraceful.

  3. Why would the Dodgers create a super-spreader event? No way people will stay in their cars; no way to enforce it. Ohhhhh, wait. $75 dollars per car. Yep: blind, stupid greed. Why can’t we be the cool most awesome team on the planet?

  4. Exactly what I thought when I read this article. Total greed! I’d rather stay home and watch it while consuming several adult beverages.

  5. I don’t have to concern myself with going to a Dodger Stadium ‘drive in because I am comfortably about 850 miles away in Southern Oregon. I believe a choice from 3 TVs at home will be sufficient.

  6. Pass! Is this Frank McCourt’s way of trying to make up for his losses in revenue during this covid season? Either way, I ain’t paying $75 just to sit in my car and kill it’s battery.

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