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Dodgers: Manny Machado Stirs Up More Controversy on Play at First

By now, Dodgers fans might be sick and tired of seeing Manny Machado’s name in the news headlines for the wrong reasons. It started with Machado’s lack of hustle in the field, willingly jogging to first on groundballs. That escalated when he spoke to the media and said he would never be that guy that busts out of the box every time. Then Machado was involved in a series of poor slides at second base, one of which took an out away from the Dodgers.

And now this. On Tuesday night, Manny grounded out on what appeared to be a routine play. As he crossed the bag, he dragged his foot and clipped the leg of Jesus Aguilar who had kept his foot on the bag a little too long. The play was not close and Machado was out by a few steps, so why the extracurricular? Manny was essentially silent on the matter than momentarily cleared the benches.

While it did appear Aguilar and Machado patched things up when Machado reached base in the 13th inning, his Brewers teammates were not so quick to forgive. Christian Yelich called it ” A dirty play by a dirty player” and manager Craig Counsell seemed to take a shot at Manny’s hustle.

Even Orel Hershiser had a few things to say about Manny after the play on the SportsNet LA Postgame. Orel called the play embarrassing and stressed that he loved Manny, even if he has wished he would run harder on the bases.

Overall, it’s not a great look for the Dodgers franchise. Cries for Corey Seager rang out all across Twitter last night, seeming to disown Manny. But he’s here, and for now, he’s ours. Here’s hoping that he can keep the offense producing and the controversy to a minimum for the remainder of the series.

Tell me what YOU think! Was Manny’s play dirty? Did you think it was as intentional as it looked?

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  1. Dave needs to make a statement. Thus is not Dodger baseball. M2 is not good for the chemistry, and is a distraction. Taylor stood in well last year, and Hernandez can also play middle infield. Sit him…period. Would also be like “taking an extra week to vote on Kavanaugh,” and simmer down some emotion. But Manny is not worthy, and is not above the game. Nobody is. Think “Jeter, Garvey, Russell, etc.

    1. Who scored the winning run? I don’t think that would of happened if the Brewers wouldn’t of tried to retaliate against Manny by throwing to first the next inning trying to mess with him, Manny’s determined to win and he did, Aguilar’s foot should not have been there!

  2. Yes, even the second slide in an attempt to break up a double play was not good! We don’t need his type around.

  3. Machado is a gifted athlete but trash as a person. He will be overpaid by some team anyway because character is unimportant to most organizations. I want no part of him and neither should the Dodgers after this season. Hersheiser should not have mitigated his criticism of Machado by saying he loved him.

  4. I’ve been a Dodger fan for decades. I was pulling for the Brewers after the play at first. I’m sick of watching the evil M&M. Dodgers: get rid of that “player!” He’s bad for business, at least with decent people. It’s pretty indecent if the Dodgers are ok with having a scummy player who tantrums like a two year old when a play doesn’t go his way and his outlet is to hurt other players. He’s got no issue with ruining someone else’s livelihood. The guy is soul-less and needs to be out of the MLB.

  5. I saw the Hersheiser comments. He said he loved Machado as a player, not the he “loved Machado”, he clearly doesn’t. If he stays in LA he will certainly become a cancer in the clubhouse. Dodgers have enough talent without him.

  6. Manny is a dirty player. I have been a Dodger fan since early 1950’s. The moral example is Sandy Koufax who refused to throw a “bean ball” at a batter. Manny on the other hand will make an illegal slide into second base or step on a first baseman’s ankle and try to make it appear that it is routine while attempting to do harm to the other player. I don’t care how good of a player he is. He is simply a gang banger who made it to the pros and brings that value system with him and Dave Roberts supportsit. Its a shame and disgrace to the heritage of great leaders like Walt Alston.

    1. Get off your high horse. If Manny were Todd or Billy, you wouldn’t be calling him a gang-banger. There are no reports of him even being close to a thug. I, for one, am sick and tired of other teams beaning our boys, sliding hard on us, and treating us like girls. He is an immense talent, and is passionate and loyal to his teammates. You’re showing your age.

  7. I thought Manny might have been trying to avoid spiking Aguilar. Manny hit the bag with his right foot first going near full speed. With Aguilar,s foot near the middle of the bag Manny took a short kind of hop step and pointed his left foot toe down so as to kick but not spike Aguilar on the Achilles’ tendon. Manny said as much but none of the other baseball people seem to agree. The $10K fine seems kind of minimal. I wonder did MLB talk to him first. Also MLB tends to be cowardly and political in these situations – remember the Chase Utley slide which was clearly legal at the time but he was suspended first and then forgiven later when nobody was looking in the off-season.

  8. Doesn’t anybody remember the slide that Chase Utley landed on the Mets shortstop that broke his leg. That’s baseball and the new rules for sliding prevent things like from happening again. His slide were not intended to hurt anyone but to slowdown if not prevent the double play. Arcia and Counsel and the Astro’s are just a bunch of cry babies. And as for the play at first if you watch any other play there the first baseman always pulls his foot after catching it. I blame Aguilar for leaving his foot there, Machado might not be the role model you want him to be but he is one the best shortstops out there. I’m a a Dodgers fan now and forever.

    1. Agreed. Aguilar got the message. Manny and Aguilar hugged it out, they’re cool. This is just a media spin and some back-handed racist comments about a latin player.

  9. I seem to recall Roberts benching Bellinger for “lack of hustle” against the Giants in April on a double into “triple’s alley,”even though he stumbled coming out of the box.
    Bug Machado? I hired $8 million speaks volumes.

  10. I have now seen both the slide and the 1st base play a dozen times or more. Since when does trying to break up a double play and avoiding what would have been a perfectly legal but potentially career ending injury for Aguilar who has played enough 1st base to know better than to try to trip a player by leaving his foot on the bag. He did manage to fire up Milwaukee’s fans for one game. If people have to claim Machado never hustles on the bases as proof that his actions were a deliberate attempt to injure another player…. well.. if they really believe he was out for blood (real blood).. perhaps Aguilar shouldnt have been so stupid as to leave such a great opportunity for him to do so.

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