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Dodgers: Matt Kemp Signs With An NL West Rival

It’s never a good feeling when a fan-favorite goes and signs with another team in your division. For Dodgers fans, they have to watch Matt Kemp play with his third team in the NL West this year. 

Kemp was released by the Miami Malins this week after failing to make their player pool. Miami was not impressed with Kemp’s spring, ultimately leading to his release. Instead, the Colorado Rockies decided to roll the dice on Matt. 

Just one day after Ian Desmond decided to opt-out of playing the season, the Rockies pick up Kemp as a possible DH replacement. Kemp did not have a good year last season after being traded from the Dodgers again but was productive as recently as 2018. He hit 21 homeruns and made the All-Star team in his return to Los Angeles. 

If the Rockies do decide to add him to the player pool, which seems like a forgone conclusion, Kemp likely will not play defense most of the year. At almost 36-years-old, Kemp’s best days in the field are likely long behind him. Even Dodgers fans didn’t expect to see him much in the outfield during the 2018 season. 

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  1. If healthy,Kemp will PUT up great numbers cause He’s an evo machine and now as a DH doesn’t have to worry about defense only concentrate on hitting.Good for the rockies,hopefully Matt can make the team.

  2. That Colorado altitude is going to be a god send for Kemp. Of course as always in baseball you need to make contact with the ball before you start worrying about how far it will go! Kemp has always been one of my favorites and I wish him well. Though I am blue thru and thru! Hoping we make baseball thru the whole season.

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