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Dodgers Max Muncy Hits a Grand Slam to Tie for the Highest Home Run of the Season

In the top of the 4th inning with the Dodgers up 1-0, Max Muncy came back from injury with the idea of hitting a low line drive to center field with the bases loaded.

What happened next was one of the greatest home runs you’ll ever see:

According to Alanna Rizzo of SportsNetLA, this home run tied Joc Pederson for the “highest” home run hit on the team this season and according to Allie Clifton, the 7th highest home run based on degrees of the 2019 season.

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  1. Max has captured the hearts of Dodger fans the last 2 years. He has become another indispensable part of our lineup. With Cody, Justin, Corey and him down the middle, I would hate to have to pitch to us. One will almost always be hot. And that helps pull up the others.

  2. As I watched this game last night they caught a shot of Machado just standing there watching the Dodgers dugout celebrate………and dare I say he looked wistful…… a guy who still remembers……..I actually felt sorry for him.

    1. Remember though it was his decision to sign that big 10 year deal with the Padres. But the craziest thing I heard he said to a fan earlier this year was that he would bet his entire salary that the Padres would win a WS title before the Dodgers do.

      1. Hi Paul! Yea, I remember him saying that too……..and there is still time for him to be correct. As I see it, they have several nice young players, but they don’t hit. I could just tell when they caught that camera shot the other night that he has grown tired of losing and it was written all over his face. Time will tell, but right now they are WAY behind catching the Dodgers.

    2. I keep remembering his comment this season about the Padres winning the WS first….or something ????

      1. He did not say this season……..he admitted they would not catch the Dodgers this season (in 2019)………he said in the future, they would eventually win the world series before the Dodgers would.

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