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Dodgers: Max Scherzer Gets His First Career Curtain Call in His Dodger Debut

Wednesday night was absolutely wild for Dodgers fans at the Ravine. Playing the hated Astros, they finally got to see the fruits of Andrew Friedman’s trade deadline labor. And watching Max Scherzer make his debut was exhilarating. 

Scherzer settled in and punched out 10 Astros batters through 7 innings of work. The Dodgers’ offense got going early and built him a lead to get him started, and Scherzer didn’t let the fans down. 

It all culminated in a 7th inning strikeout of pinch-hitter Chas McCormick. Max jumped off the mound and pumped his fist as Dodgers fans went nuts. Scherzer would later come out of the dugout to give the fans what they wanted: a curtain call in his debut.

After the game, Max noted that it was the first one of his career.  

The crowd was definitely into it and you can feed off of that and really get some adrenaline off of that. So to go out there and to pitch well, and to have the fans ask for a curtain call for me, I’ve never had that happen. So that’s really a cool moment and something that I’ll never forget. 

For a guy with the career accolades of Max Scherzer, you would think that he had a few dozen curtain calls from fans. But Dodgers fans gave him the first one of his career at age 37. And it was the perfect way to cap off his night. 

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The Dodgers would go on to beat the Astros 7-5 and split the series. But getting Scherzer into the rotation meant everything to the fans in Los Angeles. Andrew Friedman might have found the guy that is going to carry them into October. 

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  1. It’s good we have Max to replace Injured Kershaw cause we still don’t know how long he’ll be out he might be out rest of season. Hopefully Duffy comes back soon and Gonsolin too cause we don’t know if Hammels can still pitch.Go Dodgers! Back to Back!

  2. What we do know is that Jansen has fallen off a cliff! That would have been yet another blown save had the score been closer…

  3. Wow,I forgot how good he is. Scherzer Is elevated to superstar status in my book. As I have said before we should be undefeated especially now. The pitching is remarkable and the bullpen needs a little help to close down any team. I want to stay out of the depression I feel when you guy loose. Jansen did a excellent job in my view.

    1. no one goes undefeated. baseball is a game of wins and losses regularly. .500 is the norm and teams above .500 are that good. Dodgers are exceptional despite all the injuries

  4. He deserved that curtain call. Anyone who pitches with a broken nose and black eye is a major stud. I remember watching that game and he looked like he just got out of a bar fight. Now sign him up for 2 additional years and make Clayton take a cut in pay if he wants to remain a Dodger. Also, let Jensen walk after this season. Dave, you can also leave as well.

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