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Dodgers Injury Updates: Clayton Kershaw and Tony Gonsolin Shutting it Down for Now

Another day and another injury update. Clayton Kershaw and Tony Gonsolin will continue to be out until further notice. According to Dave Roberts, they are not going to be touching a baseball until their pain subsides. Roberts gave an update on the two players’ status in his most recent session with the media and said:

They’re just kind of in idle mode right now, I think that neither one is playing catch and we have got to get the pain to dissipate… When they pick up a baseball and start their progression it’ll be news, but we are just kind of holding right now.

Kershaw has been on the injured list since early July and Gonsolin was placed there last week. They will most likely go through a similar process to get back out onto the field. Kershaw is dealing with a forearm injury, while Gonsolin has inflammation in his right shoulder. It is not ideal for the team to be out two pitchers, but it is necessary.

162 games a year would put a lot of stress on anyone’s body, so it is important that these players take their time before getting back to ramping up for the stretch run and into postseason play. For now, the Dodgers just signed LHP Cole Hamels and acquired RHP Max Scherzer, so this team will not be falling apart anytime soon.

Hopefully, both Kershaw and Gonsolin can come out of their recovery better than ever, but for now, it is just going to take time.

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  1. Don’t see Hamels helping or Duffy until much later; Let’s see what Pepiot has – they’re going to need him.

  2. By the way JK did a great job too. These are the Dodgers I love to watch, it makes me young again. I have to go see the injury report

  3. Is it me? But, weren’t pitchers back in the day a little more robust and not prone to getting “elbow soreness”, or whatever ails these easily broken pitchers nowadays? I mean really! Didn’t pitchers back then just soak their arm in an ice bath and get ready for their next rotation? The Dodger pitchers sure get hurt easily, don’t they?

  4. Bring up pepiot Fernando was at double A and 20 when they brought him up.stop making excuses

  5. Sorry, but this post is going to be another negative one from me. I never thought about it until I started reading articles about the Dodgers lack of urgency this season. This was on display last night even though we beat a very good Astros team. 7 x runs in the first three innings and nothing after that. Our guys go to sleep on teams like Astros and we will pay a steep price. As I understand it, it got a little iffy at the end just as I guessed it would. It’s pretty arrogant to constantly assume that winning will drop into our laps at the end of this thing, that we have the best team, that we are a epic offensive club. Our guys must be watching too much CNN. It’s all fake news to me. We signed three new pitchers and two of them are unavailable. We expect a parade to fall into our laps, but some of our guys forget that we have to play good ball clubs. Sorry Doc, this ultimately is on your players, but it starts at the top and you are the top. Even when we get Trea in the lineup, we can’t expect other clubs to roll over and they won’t. If anything, we will get the A games from even the worst clubs. This arrogance has to stop and we need some leadership at the top and in our offensive game.

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