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Dodgers Michael Busch Earns Rave Reviews From MLB Scouts at Instructional League

The Dodgers have a knack for finding guys in the draft that can command the strike zone very well. They’ve shown that over the years, and the results have ultimately resulted in a 2020 World Series Championship. There’s obviously more that went into it, but their ability to build up the farm is certainly an important factor.

The Arizona Instructional League has become an increasingly less popular option for big-league teams to send their young guys to in recent years. Despite that, the Dodgers have opted to get young guys out there year after year. This year, the Instructional League was the first time scouts really got to see most of these guys play in person due to the pandemic.

At this year’s Instructional League, the Dodgers had one prospect that earned raved reviews from scouts across the league. Baseball America compiled a list of the top performers from the League today, and Michael Busch made an appearance. Here is more from BBA on Los Angeles’ number 4 prospect.

Busch earned universal reviews as the top hitter in Arizona. He took high-quality at-bats, turned around upper-90s velocity and showed home run power to center field and both gaps. His balance, bat speed, hand-eye coordination and strike-zone discipline all drew high praise. Evaluators were split on Busch’s defense at second base, but he earned consistent grades as a plus hitter with plus power.
Busch’s defensive grade is right on track with his previous prospect profile. His arm strength is rated as below-average, but second base is also a position he is still adjusting to. He had previously played outfield and first base at the collegiate level, but his speed led to the Dodgers moving him over to second.
Fortunately, it’s Busch’s bat and plate discipline that has consistently drawn the attention of scouts. His numbers have yet to reflect his abilities give that he has only played 2019 at the professional level. The Dodgers took Busch with the 31st overall pick in the 2019 draft out of the University of North Carolina. Experts predict that he will be ready for the big leagues by 2022, but that will obviously depend on how the next year goes at the minor league level.

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  1. Hmm. Sounds like Gavin Lux may have to get his mojo going. Great to have competition. Taylor may settle into the slot for now; but we also have McKinstry. So what’s it gonna be for Gavin? He looked like a lock after 2019. This last year he looked lost quite a bit at the plate. A lot of strike three’s with the bat on his shoulder. He is still sitting with a high ceiling. It is up to him.

  2. I think I remember reading over the summer from a Dodgers writer that Kody Hoese was the best hitter at the alt site. If both keep it up this would be an incredible draft haul, especially given the FO’s ability to find names and develop them later in the draft.

    Great time to be a Dodger!

  3. I’m wondering if Friedman is proposing Lux, Ruiz, and Rios to Colorado for Arenado…

    1. Personally I dont see it just from a salary standpoint unless they are planning to let Seager or Belli walk just due to the economics.

      To be a fly on the wall when they making these decisions.

      Could you imagine the bombs Ruiz would hit in Co?

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