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MLB: Former Dodgers Pitcher Bolsters Lawsuit Against Cheating Astros

I wouldn’t expect the lawsuits against the Astros and owner Jim Crane to go away any time soon. After an MLB investigation led to relatively light punishments, players and former team employees are making life hard on the Houston franchise. Most recently, former General Manager Jeff Luhnow sued the team claiming that the league had protected their players and made him the scapegoat. 

And now, a former Dodgers and Blue Jays pitcher is using Luhnow’s case to bolster his own lawsuit. Mike Bolsinger had already issued a lawsuit against Astros’ owner Jim Crane back in February of this year in the wake of the cheating scandal coming to light. Bolsinger alleged that the Astros crushing him in the 2017 playoffs made it impossible for him to get a job in the MLB. 

Now, Bolsinger’s lawyers are using the Luhnow lawsuit as a means to keep their case moving forward. They referenced Luhnow’s claims that Jim Crane did, in fact, know about the scandal, and hope to use that to get the court to proceed with the lawsuit. A hearing in the Bolsinger case is set for February 1st.

Bolsinger pitched for the Dodgers in 2015 and 2016, but it was 2017 when he faced the Astros with Toronto. In his 2 appearances against Houston that year, Bolsinger allowed 8 earned runs in 5.2 innings and gave up 3 homeruns. He has not played in the MLB since that final appearance against the Astros in August of 2017. 

Bolsinger spent the 2018 and 2019 seasons with the Chiba Lotte Marines of Nippon Professional Baseball. 

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  1. Great News! Keep the spotlight on Houston and the Commissioner for giving Houston a pass for cheating. Manfred minimized cheating when he let the players off.
    Rumor is Springer wants to play elsewhere I wonder if any teams will spend big money on the cheater. Although I am amazed the managers now have jobs…
    Are they being paid to bring cheating back to the Red Sox and to start the Tigers cheating?

  2. People in LA are always finding stupid things to talk about you guys are to soft out there come to new england for a year and men up for a little bit get that hollywood out of you. i feel so bad for you guys . who cares about any stupid lawsuit Dodgers got beat at the own stadium admited that why Yankees have 28 WS compare to what LA who finds excuses.

    1. Its not necessarily about the law suits but how MLB has handled this situation. The Dodgers did lose 2 games on their home field in that 2017 WS but that doesn’t eliminate what the Astros did that year not only in that Ws but during the post season and during the regular season.

    2. Oh you little goonie. There is a reason why you live in New England . Keep on hating LA you jealous candy ass . See you on your next vacation!

  3. It would great to see ALL MLB teams pass on having anything to do wit Springer and the same goes for any subsequent Astro FA’s Again. MLB needs to make a decision on the NL DH. And honestly Manfred should be crucified should he expect NL teams to go backwards to force the pitchers to have to bat!.

  4. This is the personal part of the Astros cheating fallout.
    Bolsinger’s career was ruined. Yu Darvish was dumped by the Dodgers and struggled through 2018 and 2019. Fortunately he fought back and had a great 2020. The weasel, Manfred, only sees a useless piece of metal. But people’s lives were ruined or nearly ruined by this thing. Bolsinger and Darvish are two players who were damaged severely, while every single Astros player got off Scot free. It doesn’t take much of a sense of morality to see how wrong that is.

    1. Bolsinger Got dumped from LA before 17 so Dogers got rid of him cause he was sorry. It was in Toronto when the Astros got to him read the arrival know your facts

    2. I’m a huge cubs fan and I agree. The past few years, we would have been a much better team if he pitched like he used to and does now.

  5. If it didn’t help them, then have their catcher call out the pitch at all their home games for a season as punishment.

  6. So no one will say anything all they years Yankees to steroids. I guess that was ok
    Say yes to drugs kids

  7. Bolsinger’s career was not ruined by a couple of appearances in Houston. In 2016 ,his era was 6.83 and in 2017, his era was 6.31. The Astros didn’t cause that in 2 appearances. The change in his career is all on him.

  8. Check that guy’s career numbers. He had no business pitching in the majors to begin with. And, D*odgers fans, let’s not forget that the 2018 Red S*x did EXACTLY the same thing as the Astros (illegal use of technology, NOT “sign stealing”) and just re-hired the cheating manager that they had “fired.” And, your team traded for a guy from that team who “won” an “MVP” award and “stole” “your” trophy that year. And yet, they’re the ones getting the real pass. And why? Because they’re part of MLB’s Unholy Trinity. Speaking of asterisks, hope you enjoy that 2*2*, 6* game, more-than-half-of-MLB-allowed-into-the-playoffs “trophy”. Oh, and weren’t the D*doers stolen away from another city? Asking for a friend…..

  9. Manfred is a powerless puppet of the owners. He doesn’t work for the fans. Blame the players union and the collective bargaining agreement. These guys aren’t curing cancer. They are making millions playing a kids’ game. Even the .220-hitting, backup catcher makes millions. You guys love to hate. Get a life.

    1. Love to hate cheaters and those that allow it to go unpunished? Damn right. Say it as a bad thing if you want but it’s not a good look for you

      1. Hate the players who did it. But fanboys like getting those stud cheaters on their team. Watch what the bundle Springer rakes in. Blame the real villains.

  10. Don’t make the Dodgers victims. They have enough money. With their payroll, shouldn’t they win every year? They didn’t. How can you even be a Dodger fan knowing this unless you live in Los Angeles??? They were always chokers and got lucky with a half season.

  11. If I were Crane, I’d get rid of every position player who started on the 2017 squads. I’d rather lose with honest rookies than win with cheaters. I hope Luhnow never works in baseball again. Hinch will be gone after a season or two in Detroit. He’s a terrible manager. He lacks the huevos to pull an established starter.

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