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Dodgers: Minor League Players Are Being Sent Home

The exodus of players from spring camps has started. The Dodgers are sending home minor league players this weekend, officially marking the end of Spring Training. 

Major League Baseball sent out a memo to teams this weekend after a meeting with the player’s association. The memo dictated the terms of players leaving or staying at Spring Training facilities. The league asked all Non-rostered players to head back to their respective homes if possible, hence the Dodgers’ decision. 

The memo also made sure that players that are in the middle of rehabbing injuries would be an exception. It also noted that players from parts of the world that were at-risk for pandemics were also permitted to stay behind. This has created quite the situation for minor-leaguers who were relying on being paid this month.

Dodgers’ ownership is scheduled to meet with MLB’s commissioner, as well as the rest of the league’s owners on Monday. The original start date of March 26th was pushed back two weeks by the league, but even that date seems unlikely now. Teams will need time to get ramped back up whenever the league clears teams for activity. Maybe baseball in June if we’re lucky? 

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