Dodgers: Missing Andrew Toles

Do you ever see a Dodge Challenger on the road and think of Andrew Toles?

Well, I have more than a few times. It is what caused me to write this article. Toles is a fan and player favorite who seems to be fading from memory. We’ll take a look at what we know about his status and how he might be missed by the Dodgers.


Andrew Toles was originally drafted by the Tampa Rays in the 3rd round of the 2012 draft after being kicked off of his college team, Chipola (Fla.) College. During his first two professional seasons, he started to make an impact and looked like a good prospect. However, in 2014 he ran into some hustle issues with his manager and went on the inactive list for personal reasons. He was released the following Spring Training and ended up sitting out most of the year. During these times he was also dealing with anxiety issues.

The Dodgers signed him at the end of the 2015 season and he went and played for them during the winter in the Instructional League in Arizona. He started the 2016 season in High-A and ripped through the minors to be promoted to the Dodgers on July 8, 2016. He even started against right-handed pitchers in the playoffs, playing left field.

Knee Injury

The 2017 season started with Toles as the leadoff batter on Opening Day. On May 9th Toles was again the leadoff hitter and left fielder. Julio Urías had a no hitter going in into the 7th inning facing Andrew McCutchen. Quickly, Julio had him down 0-2. With the count of 1-2 he threw strike 3 but the umpire called it a ball. On the next pitch, McCutchen drilled a ball to the left field corner. Toles went all out for the ball but ran his leg into the wall, destroyed his knee and the no hitter was broken up. Even worse, Toles was out for the season with a torn ACL.

When he came back in 2018 he was sent to the minors even though he had a way better Spring Training than Joc Pederson. He was up and down with the Dodgers a couple of times that season, with the Dodge Challenger story being one of the funnier stories of 2018. I did a full review of his 2018 season during the off-season. He ended up not making the playoff roster and with the Dodgers trading both Yasiel Puig and Matt Kemp, maybe there was room for him in 2019.

Missing in 2019

While everyone was reporting to Spring Training the Dodgers announced that Toles was not reporting do to personal matters. As the season started Toles was put onto the Restricted List due to not reporting. In late April he finally reported to Camelback Ranch to begin his season. In late May we got the news that he had left again.

Since that time there hasn’t been a word about where Andrew Toles might be. Since there haven’t been any reports about where he might be or what he is going through, this article will not speculate. All we wish for is that he is handling any issues he is dealing with and that he will be back with the Dodgers when he is ready.

What Do We Miss?

The Human

To borrow from my own article:

Listen to the first part of this interview with Dave Roberts as he talks about Andrew Toles.

Justin Turner also had some words about Toles.

“He’s pretty comfortable, and everyone in here embraces him and tells him how much they enjoy his company,” Justin Turner said. – The Athletic, Pedro Moura, July 15, 2018

The Player

Andrew Toles brings an exciting brand of baseball to the Dodgers, especially the speed factor. It’s great to watch him on the bases as he brings something to the team that most other players can’t. Toles also has an excellent arm to go with covering a lot of ground in the outfield. It would be great to have him taking a spot in the outfield as a defensive replacement.

On the offensive side of the ball, he brings some pop and can take extra bases due to his speed. In his short time with the Dodgers, he has had some key moments at the plate. Nothing is more memorable than his grand slam against the Rockies to give them the lead.

The bottom line is that Toles is a blast to watch on the field and we may have already forgotten about what he can do.

Final Thoughts

For many of us, Andrew Toles was an instant favorite. We’ve wanted to see what he could do over a full season with the Dodgers. As we see Toles still not reporting to the Dodgers, we are starting to realize he might not ever be back. Most of the question about Toles is hoping he’s OK and not worrying about the baseball part. I was hesitant to include his baseball strengths but I thought it would be a good reminder about him. My hopes for Andrew Toles are that he is healthy and in a good place as a human. The baseball is secondary but it would be great to see him back in Dodger Blue.

Tim Rogers

A fan of the Dodgers since 1973 since I got my first baseball cards while living in Long Beach. I came to San Diego for college and never left nor did I ever switch my Dodgers' allegiance. Some know me as the "sweater guy". #ProspectHugger


  1. I agree I so much enjoyed watching Andrew play. I also hope so much that he is mind healthy , and doing what he needs to do.He has his reasons and who knows he may be back again. showing his skills again ,wishing him the best.

  2. Yes, Toles is fun to watch. Sucks that he got so badly injured going all out trying to save Julio’s no hitter, but I love watching him play like that. I hope to see him back in the Dodger dugout next year.

  3. Well done article. Rarely do I read something so positive and upbeat. You have to give the man a benefit of the doubt until the time comes we learn otherwise. I too really enjoyed seeing him play and hope for his quick return and the best to him moving forward.

  4. I remember that grand slam like it was yesterday! He is an exciting player! I hope all is well! He’s missed, that’s for sure! Godspeed, Andrew!

  5. I couldn’t of said it better I hope the best for Andrew first and foremost hoping he’s OK more than anything if he is all right I would love to see him play a full season in dodger blue. I’ve been a fan for life and never has a player became an instant favorite as he did! Plus I bought hundreds of his rookie cards of all different types thinking I’d get them while they’re cheap

  6. nothing i can add or detract but ditto to everything written here about andrew. we are all hoping for a speedy return.

  7. I have not understood why the Dodger organization with all its staff could not find a way to embrace Andrew Toles. And help him find a solution to his issues, restricting him seems to be a way to alienate an individual instead of helping to find a solution. He is the best lead off hitter I have seem come up in this organization. The Dodgers should find a solution, and not waste a great prospect. But what do I know, I am just a fan who has compassion.

    1. The organization is not being “restrictive” with Toles. The restricted list is an mlb classification that allows the organization to keep him but not take up a roster spot. I’m sure they have offered him access to whatever assistance he needs. Whatever the issue is we should all keep him in our prayers.

  8. We can’t say the Dodgers have handled Andrew badly because we really don’t know what’s going on with him. I loved watching him play and hope to see him back in Dodger Blue. I don’t think most people realize how difficult it is to report ready to play every day. I have to laugh when I hear criticism of people in the entertainment industry. I think of Miley Cyrus or Britney Spears. They get hammered in the press. Remember they show up on time every day, ready to perform. It ain’t easy. Tiger was better than anyone to start with. Talk of him breaking Jack Nicholas’s records was premature for that very same reason. It’s hard to play at the highest level every day.

  9. Definitely miss Toles. Glad someone is calling attention to his absence. I too hope he is in a good place as a human being. He was an exciting player, handsome and full of talent. Be well Andrew Toles.

  10. It would be nice to know that Andrew is reading all the positive thoughts, and he knows that he is well loved, and will be well received should he come back to the BLUE…

  11. very nice to see an article that cares about the human being – great piece. I share your thoughts and hope he’s ok and would love to see him back as a Dodger, but first and foremost would like to see him back as a happy and healthy person.

  12. If you drill down on his past, both baseball and personal hometown issues, he is a troubled young man who will probably never play ball professionally again. It’s my opinion that the Dodgers have been more than fair with him. It’s unfortunate and we can only hope and pray for the best for him. There is always hope but …………

  13. Agree with everyone he is an exciting dynamic baseball player and from all reports a great guy. Hopefully he is able to address whatever the family issues and have a good life.

    1. Well said, tmaxter. The one thing we must consider now is that he has obviously fallen down on the team’s organizational depth charts as far as OF goes. Right now anyway and even into 2020, there really isn’t any room for him unless a couple of OF are removed from the 40 man roster. And even if Joc were to be dealt before next year (his walk year) where would he fit in?

  14. I don’t fret and worry for Andrew Toles. There is something dark and sinister about this man. The Dodgers have revealed absolutely NOTHING about why he has so many issues. Seems to me they have done everything possible to help him and give him multiple chances. To me he is so troubled he is beyond saving. Credit to the Dodgers for trying. Time to move on.

  15. He is a head case, he doesn’t have what it takes between the ears, and his behavior, hasn’t changed from his time in Tampa bay till now. He’s kinda PUIG light without the bat licking. I don’t think I’ll ever wear a Dodger uniform again.

  16. Baseball is a year round lifetime commitment. Thats why guys drafted in the 40th rd can make a roster spot. This ain’t the NBA.

  17. I doubt we will ever see him again….the Dodgers don’t have the time & energy to waste on Head Cases!!!

  18. Toles had great potential to be a Dodger .Sad I miss him he was a favorite of mine I liked seeing him play. I hope he is healthy happy and doing something that makes him happy.Maybe someday we will hear good things about him.

  19. I’ve now read this article multiple times sine it is the only thing that comes up when I search for Andrew Toles! I’ve been a die hard Dodger fan since I was 7 years old, not since Eddie Murray have I had such an instant favorite. Even more than the guys I grew up with that made it all the way, one even for the Dodgers. Of course that is a bad example since in all honesty I despise those guys knowing I could have done better than them if only I would not have chosen D1 football with a career ending injury my 1st year….. any back to Andrew I’m hoping and I’ll even say preying (not that anyone is listening) that Toles is ok. I know how easy it is to go down the wrong road, but Andrew ITS NOT TOO LATE!!! Try again or you will regret it the rest of your life! After my injury I quit my scholarship and dropped out of school. Just 2 years later I thought I was way too old to go back, finally after 7 more years at 28 realized I wast getting younger I went back and did not take it seriously, quitting with a semester to go.

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