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Dodgers: MLB Analyst Predicts a Very Down Season for Trevor Bauer

The Dodgers went out this offseason and made their World Series-winning team even better. They added into a ton of depth and signed a few cheap arms that could potentially blossom back into All-Star talent. 

But they also went above and beyond by signing Trevor Bauer. The Dodgers jumped in seemingly last minute and signed him to a massive 3-year deal that will likely only keep him in Los Angeles through the 2022 season. 

But not everyone in baseball is excited to have Trevor Bauer with the Dodgers. The Athletic’s Ron Shandler recently penned an article about guys he is not high on heading into 2021. For him, Trevor Bauer is one of the guys he thinks will be a bust. 

Let’s start at the top. The only good thing about Trevor Bauer signing with the Dodgers is that he won’t have to face their hitters. Honestly, that’s the only positive thing I can say about him. In his seven-year career, he’s had one great season and another partial great season artificially inflated by inferior competition. I have this vision that Bauer is going to finish with an ERA over 4.00 because that is the far more prevalent result each year he takes the mound.

On one hand, the argument that Bauer hasn’t really had a great year aside from 2020 does carry some truth. But still, how can you completely write off a guy that just won the National League Cy Young a few months ago? And on top of that, he’s never been with an organization like the Dodgers, with more resources available than arguably any other team.

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If you just want to say that you don’t like Trevor Bauer, then do that. But saying that he is going to be a bust with an ERA north of 4 seems like a drastic reach. The Dodgers know exactly what they’re getting into when they offer a guy 9 figures. 

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  1. The Dodgers value velocity, command, movement, spin rate, pitching up in the strike zone — previous records are certainly one indicator, but I don’t believe the Dodgers are paying Bauer $40M because of previous records — they are paying for expected future performance that will be enhanced by Dodgers pitching development program.

  2. He could be right, but he also could be wrong. He’s also a “fantasy” sports guy. You know, one of those guy who really doesn’t care how well a team does as much as he cares that players on “his team” meet a statistical benchmark so he can scratch his “gambling” itch. Baseball used to ignore such people, but now it gives credence to them as it mines places like Draft Kings for sponsorships. Sad that he even has a job this close to baseball.

  3. Shandler’s not wrong about Bauer’s career stats but you could replace his name in the article with the media darling team’s Blake Snell and it’s just as accurate. So what – let’s see what the season brings.

  4. This boob reminds me of the “expert” a few seasons ago who predicted the Dodgers would crumble into the bottom of the division because they traded budding superstar Yasiel Puig.

  5. MLB doesn’t like him because he fights back against there stupid policies on him vlogs.
    They like to handle everything through the ball clubs, but can’t with Trevor.
    Now they are trying to cancel him before the season starts.
    Just go away Manfred, nobody likes you.

  6. After seven years in the league, the challenge for any pitcher is within. Some look at it as a job while other view it as an obligation to push beyond what those seven years was able to deliver. Roberts has a keen eye on production.

  7. I honestly don’t know why somebody would project people to do poorly. Maybe his dog died. Or maybe he just got a divorce, and his ex-wife took his money, and his dog too. Most people project winners. Which I will do right now. I project the Dodgers to win back to back world championships. I project the Dodgers to have the best starting rotation in baseball, especially when depth is considered. And I project Trevor Bauer to be a big part of all of the above. Go Dodgers. Go Bauer.

  8. I was not at all enthused by the Bauer signing. Just look at his Baseball Reference page. Is he Max Scherzer/Clayton Kershaw in the Cy Young category or just R.A. Dickey (a one year wonder who won a Cy Young: do you remember him?). The stats say more Dickey than Kershaw. I hope they’re wrong, and I assume that Friedman knows what he’s doing…

  9. To those major league hitters who faced Trevor Bauer… Ron Shandler says you are “inferior competition”.

    Personally, I wouldn’t call any major leaguer inferior, getting to The Show is really hard.

    This is a non-story. No one cares what Shandler writes except fantasy baseball geeks.

  10. I was very apprehensive about the Bauer signing. Not just the character issues but his performance over the years. Sometimes Cy Young winners are certain all time greats (Kershaw, Scherzer and De Grom). Other times they are flash in the pan successes (anyone remember RA Dickey?). If you look at Bauer’s Baseball Ref. page, the past says that it is more likely that he’ll be RA Dickey than the 3 future Hall of famers noted above. So unfortunately I think that the journalist’s skepticism is warranted. But as a Dodger fan, I’m hoping that Friedman knows what he’s doing here…

  11. Bauer will probably never be a Kershaw, or even a Buehler. However, he has a great team behind him, great fielders to keep the hits down a bit, a strong bullpen to keep the runs down, and a lot of run producers to let him give up a few runs and still win. The pitching staff will make him be the best he can be, and he knows that he needs to step up in order to prove something to the digital world. I think that Friedman would not have made the call without knowing that he would do well.

  12. Sooo let me get this straight. Bauer wins the Cy Young and pitches a gem in the playoff game against ATL but he’s pitching in a weak division so he’s gonna suck. Yu Darvish pitches in the same weak division, can barely finish a full season. Stats in recent years aren’t that much better than Bauer’s but he’s gonna be great…ok I see where this is going.

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