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Dodgers: MLB Analyst Thinks LA is a ‘Perfect Fit’ for Luis Castillo

Andrew Friedman is always looking for ways to upgrade the Dodgers roster whether it be through signing free agents in the offseason or finding diamonds in the rough that were cast off by their former teams. He’s also been known to finesse teams through the trade market from time to time. One memorable trade was the one pulled off with the Cincinnati Reds.

The Dodgers traded away Matt Kemp, Alex Wood, Yasiel Puig, and Kyle Farmer in exchange for Homer Bailey as well as prospects Jeter Downs and Josiah Gray. Of course, Friedman eventually used both prospects in trades for Mookie Betts, Max Scherzer, and Trea Turner. 

This offseason is no different as the Dodgers will be looking to upgrade a roster that could lose some big-time players. It just so happens that the Reds could be another trade partner once again as The Athletic’s Jim Bowden identified Los Angeles as a ‘perfect fit’ for right-handed pitcher Luis Castillo. 

“I think the Dodgers would be a perfect fit because their analytics and research & development departments could hone Castillo’s pitch usage and sequencing to help him achieve more success.”

A trade this time around would most likely cost the Dodgers more with the Reds giving away a more talented player. Bowden suggested that any team looking to acquire the 28-year old would have to include a top pitching prospect in a package. Despite taking a hit in the farm system over the past couple of years, the Dodgers still have some quality arms.

Los Angeles would be acquiring a pitcher who has a lot of potential and although he got off to a rocky start this past season, he rebounded in the second half to show the type of pitcher he can be if utilized right. Castillo has been on the Dodgers wish list for quite some time, so could this be the moment he finally joins the organization?

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  1. Instead of this, sign a free agent starter who is better than Castillo and who won’t cost players in return in trade: Robbie Ray, Kevin Gausman or Carlos Rodon. Then hope that one of the 2-4 minor league players the Dodgers would have traded for Castillo turns out to be a valuable player, pitcher or position player, in the future, at the minimum salary and controlled in arbitration for a few years, justifying paying the difference in salary between Castillo and one of the free-agent starters available this winter.

    1. Roger you would be correct and Bobby you are quite correct about Bowden. Latest I saw from the Cinncy camp is that they don’t have much desire to trace Castillo anyway.

      1. Bowden needs to keep his mouth shut and just go away. He has ZERO credibility and no room to be bringing up player suggestions. Dodgers will upgrade in manner they’ve done before without his input.

        1. His job takes no skill he just throws out all the big names and links them to LA. We can all do that

  2. I laugh every time I read a prediction from Bowden. A couple of seasons ago, he made a bunch of predictions on ESPN about trades at the trade deadline, and I kept the article and compared his predictions with what actually happened. He got ZERO right. He is also the same boob who predicted doom and gloom for the Dodgers when they traded Puig. As others here have stated, he has no credibility.

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