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Dodgers: MLB and the Player’s Union Agree to Extend Trevor Bauer’s Leave

The Dodgers are more than likely going to be making a move for a starting pitcher this month. As the trade deadline approaches, they find themselves with only 3 starting pitchers coming out of the All-Star break. They need some help. 

That need became a little bit more clear on Wednesday afternoon. The MLB and the Player’s Association reportedly agreed to extend the administrative leave for Trevor Bauer. The Dodgers will now be without him until at least July 27th due to the extension. 

Bauer is still under investigation by authorities in Pasadena for felony assault. Major League Baseball is doing their own investigation to determine what sort of punishment will be handed down to the Dodgers pitcher. It’s unclear right now if MLB’s investigation hinges on the criminal investigation, but both are ongoing. 

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Bauer and his agent were spotted hiking in Zion National Park this week while he continues to be away from the Dodgers. He last pitched in a game on June 28th against the Giants. So by the time this next phase of approved leave passes, Bauer will have been out a full month. 

The MLB and Player’s Association are required to agree on any leave that extends beyond 7 days. This is the second time that the two sides have allowed for Bauer’s leave to be extended 7 days. No word yet on what needs to happen should the investigation need more time after the 27th of this month. 

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  1. Pathetic that they extend this leave and drag their feet on coming to a resolve, that honestly any player on another team would not have this leave extended. The league in my opinion is being sort of unfair to Dodger organization. And BTW dragging their feet in getting a resolve is something else MLB and MLBPA would not do to any other team.

      1. Yes, Manfred has a vendetta against the Dodgers. He denied them the 2017 World Series. He should have at least vacated the title. Trevor Bauer remains unarrested and in this country, a person is innocent until proven guilty.

  2. Got a feeling Bauer will be cut loose soon and Dodgers will be free from his salary, too. Big contracts, no matter the business, always have language to protect the particular business. Sounds like some major news could be forthcoming. Man! He had been pretty tough for us too.

  3. Anyone thinking this guy is coming back to the rotation soon is delusional. I want him suspended now so the Dodgers don’t have to pay this scum bag.

  4. I’m very disappointed in the Dodgers suspending someone that hasn’t even even been proven guilty by someone that is probably out for money he’s innocent till proven guilty if i were him id kiss the dodgers good by this is pure and simple BS.

    1. So if your babysitter was accused of child molestation, you’d continue to leave your daughter with him until he was proven guilty? He hasn’t been released, he hasn’t been put in jail, he has just been removed as a major league baseball player and role model for young boys until his legal issues are worked out. Only the most logical thing in the world.

  5. Lots of die hards supporting Bauer here.
    Got news for you. He’s done in LA.
    The backlash the Dodgers would get, if they bring him back, would be huge.
    Adios Amigo.

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