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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Will Not Ramp Up Throwing Over the Break

The Dodgers are going to have to figure out some things with their starting rotation. After the All-Star break this week, they will start the second half of the season with just 3 starting pitchers. That comes after Trevor Bauer being placed on administrative leave and Clayton Kershaw hitting the injured list. 

For Kershaw, he had already started throwing the ball again after experiencing a sore forearm. The Dodgers remained optimistic that he would not need a lot of time away and that the break would be very good to get him back on track. 

But as revealed by Dave Roberts on Sunday, the Dodgers will not have him ramp things back up. They want to get him rested and make sure that when he does get going again, it’s back at 100 percent. 

He’ll shut it down over the break, which I think is a good thing. I’ve referenced the short season versus a long season, so for him to quote-unquote, take a blow, I think it’s a smart thing for all of us and Clayton. When he comes back it’ll be rearing to go. I don’t know when we’ll get him back, but I do want to lead with we want to make sure that when he does come back, he feels great.

Kershaw would be eligible to return from the injured list as soon as Sunday. That would give the Dodgers enough time to throw their other 3 arms over the weekend before starting Kershaw on Monday. Right now, it’s unclear if that’s the plan with Kershaw not throwing over the break.

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Whatever the Dodgers decide to do, they’re going to need to do it quickly. The clock is ticking and pitching with 3 guys isn’t going to get the job done for long. Pitching with 4 guys won’t even last them very long at this point. Could a trade be in the works?

We’ll find out soon enough. 

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  1. Look. It’s simple. Without enough starting pitching forget about October baseball. A 3 or 4 man rotation WILL NOT get it done and if Dodgers want to continue with a bunch of BP games they will pay the price for it during the latter days of August and thru September. A trade for at least one starter is a must.

    1. or have Price or another reliever and/or minor leaguer fill the bill. and we still have yet to hear what’s happening with Bauer. He might return – probably long odds, but nevertheless if he comes back then we’re good. MLB needs to wrap this up as Dodgers need to know if they need to get another starter for him which could come from current pitchers or minor leagues or a trade.

  2. Like the Dodgers patience with Kersh. Bring him back only when 100%. No need to panic mid July, 2 games out of first

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