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Dodgers: MLB Insider Believes Trevor Bauer Has Just 1 Offer on the Table

The Dodgers are just a few weeks away from starting Spring Training games. They have yet to make a “huge” splash in the free-agent market, and as of right now, don’t even have a starting third baseman. That could all change in the coming weeks, as they remain in on a few names. 

One guy that has been on the radar of Dodgers fans throughout the offseason is Trevor Bauer. While many anticipated that the reigning NL Cy Young would have been signed to a massive deal by now, his market appears to have moved slowly. 

Part of that can be attributed to the current financial state of MLB following a pandemic. Notably. USA Today’s Bob Nightengale thinks there is just 1 team that has submitted a formal offer to Bauer. That team is not the Los Angeles Dodgers, but Andrew Friedman could be lurking in the shadows. 

I gotta go with the Mets. Right now as we’re speaking, I don’t think he has another formal offer, I really don’t. The Dodgers always kind of hang back and do a lowball offer, they did that with Bryce Harper and DJ LeMahieu. I don’t see him doing that. I don’t rule out the Angels, I know there have been stories the Angels are out, they’re not out. 

The fact that Bauer has reportedly yet to receive an offer outside of the Mets could actually be a good sign for the Dodgers. Well, a good sign if you’re one of the fans that are hoping to add Bauer into the rotation. With New York being the only team to be seriously in, Los Angeles would have very little competition to beat in terms of a financial offer. 

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Nightengale also made sure to point out not to give up on the Angels though either. While there have been reports that Anaheim is out of the running, Bob believes that the Angels do still have an interest. If they want to do any sort of damage in the AL West, they’ll need a star pitcher. The Dodgers’ success over the last few years should be more than enough proof of that. 

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  1. Mets may have problem signing Bauer. Mets management has notoriously fumbled PR disasters surrounding former GM Jared Porter and now former manager Mickey Calloway. Bauer is simply too hot to handle for the Mets.
    On the other hand Bauer comes across as a savvy, intelligent, and obviously intrepid guy. Some team may get a steal, if only for one year. Best fit and my best guess is Toronto/Buffalo/Florida. It will put them over the top for 2021, and Bauer gets a smoking deal for multiple years after that.

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