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Dodgers: MLB Network Wildly Compares Tony Gonsolin to Hall of Famer

Let us start this by saying that I love Tony Gonsolin, and I think he is the best pitcher the Dodgers have right now. We also understand that the need for new and original content is very prevalent in journalism and reporting in this day in age, so we also understand that. 

But…this MLB Network comparison might be the wildest thing you see this season about the Dodgers. It came when talking about Gonsolin and his first 10 starts of the season. And they decided that the numbers were close enough to Sandy Koufax’s 1963 season to warrant a discussion. 

Sure, the numbers are there. But it’s just wild to see something like this pop up on your screen on a Wednesday afternoon. But the good news is that Gonsolin went on to dominate against the White Sox in his outing that night, so maybe it was good luck. 

Other Dodgers News

The Dodgers ran into a bit of an embarrassing moment this weekend against the Mets. It looked for a moment like they didn’t entirely know the rules after trying to have a position player pitch in a game where they were down 5 runs. It was very…weird. 

Who doesn’t love a good lockerroom tradition following a win? Dodges fans were treated to a new fun one this week when it was reported that they had Club Dub following victories. And of course, it was founded by Justin Turner. 

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