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Dodgers: MLB Pundit Feels LA Edges Boston in Justin Turner, JD Martinez Swap

The Dodgers didn’t trade Justin Turner, but he went to the Red Sox to be their designated hitter a day after Boston’s old DH, JD Martinez, signed with Los Angeles. So it’s not quite a trade, but it’s close enough to draw some comparisons and see who won and lost the non-trade.

Over at ESPN, Bradford Doolittle and David Schoenfield have done just that, and after comparing their remarkably similar careers — both made swing changes between 2013 and 2014 and became elite hitters, and they had almost identical OPS+ numbers last year — Schoenfield comes to the conclusion that L.A. came out slightly ahead in the deal.

I guess given the difference in age, I would give Martinez the edge on bounce-back potential or at least keeping level, and getting him on a one-year deal as opposed to two is an advantage. The Dodgers still have to figure out their infield. They would love for rookie Miguel Vargas to take over at third base, but they clearly weren’t quite ready to just hand him the position and let Max Muncy DH (but Muncy might have to play second base if Gavin Lux slides over to shortstop). One thing for sure: Dodgers fans will miss a fan favorite and that kind of stinks.

Martinez is nearly three years younger than Turner, so the hope is that JD’s performance dip in 2022 was a down year rather than a true decline. In the end, though, it was probably the one-year commitment that got the deal done. If JT had been willing to take a one-year, $10 million deal like JD did, he might still be in Dodger blue.

Or maybe Martinez was who the Dodgers wanted all along and JT was only the backup plan. You can’t blame a guy for going out and getting the bag in that case.

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Jeff Snider

Jeff was born into a Dodgers family in Southern California and is now raising a Dodgers family of his own in Utah. During his previous career as an executive at a technology company, he began writing about baseball in his spare time. After leaving corporate America in 2014, he started doing it professionally. Jeff wrote and edited for Baseball Essential for years before joining Dodgers Nation. He's also the co-host of the Locked On Dodgers podcast, a daily podcast that brings the smart fan's perspective on our Boys in Blue. Jeff has a degree in English from Brigham Young University. Favorite Player: Clayton Kershaw Favorite Moment: Kirk Gibson's homer will always have a place, but Kershaw's homer on Opening Day 2013 might be the winner.


  1. Turner was an unknown when the Dodgers signed him and he blossomed. But he could be through as an every day player except for DH. Seems to me without being privy to exact numbers his strike out rate increased in 2022

    The Dodgers can solve their infield problems in one of two ways. Sign Rafael Devers to a lengthy deal or sign Segura as infield insurance. He can play second, short and probably even third. In my opinion he is grossly underrated

    Giving away good young arms for Reynolds would be a bad deal in my mind. I could envision as much success there as Josh Riddick. Maybe better than Neuse but that would be less than Cody

  2. As a CSUF Fullerton grad, I love Justin Turner. But J.D. Martinez is a great signing. Muncy prefers 2B, Lux prefers SS. I think the Dodgers could have signed Verlander and the Japanese pitcher, but Trayce Thompson and James Outman will do well in the outfield. Miller is making improvements in his pitching options. Prior will help. Letting Tyler Anderson get away was a massive screwup! Dufus Dave Roberts unlocked that door by yanking Tyler from the last playoff game. The Dodgers need to hire Soscia as Robert’s bench pitching coach. Evan Phillips needs to be named as the closer.

  3. Forget about JD’s numbers in Boston a friendly hitters park fir righthanders. At Dodger stadium his numbers will drop so we’ll see who got the best DH next year when JT’s normal fly outs to right become hrs in Boston .

  4. Dodgers 3B Vargus, 2B Bush, Muncy backup 3B and left handed DH , DJ will be DH against left handed pitcher and some right handed pitchers. Muncy doesn’t have range at second base without the shift. Vargus is working in LA every day with coaches.

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