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Dodgers: MLB to Launch Investigation into Justin Turner’s Postgame Actions

The weight that was lifted off of the shoulders of Dodgers fans waiting for a World Series title for 32 years was something special last night. Unfortunately, that special moment didn’t come without its complications and controversies. All of it was very fitting for the 2020 season. 

Justin Turner was removed in the 7th inning after his test results came back for COVID-19. It’s unclear why or how he was able to play in the first place, but that is to be determined. The real question that MLB wants to know is how and why the Dodgers third baseman was able to go onto the field and celebrate with his teammates. 

MLB announced today that they were launching an investigation into Justin Turner and his actions. In their statement, the league said that their security team tried to stop Justin from celebrating with the Dodgers on the field, but that he “refused” to comply with their requests. 


In response to inquiries, Major League Baseball issued the following statement today regarding the circumstances involving Los Angeles Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner:

“Immediately upon receiving notice from the laboratory of a positive test, protocols were triggered, leading to the removal of Justin Turner from last night’s game. Turner was placed into isolation for the safety of those around him. However, following the Dodgers’ victory, it is clear that Turner chose to disregard the agreed-upon joint protocols and the instructions he was given regarding the safety and protection of others. While a desire to celebrate is understandable, Turner’s decision to leave isolation and enter the field was wrong and put everyone he came in contact with at risk. When MLB Security raised the matter of being on the field with Turner, he emphatically refused to comply.

“The Commissioner’s Office is beginning a full investigation into this matter and will consult with the Players Association within the parameters of the joint 2020 Operations Manual.

“Last night, nasal swabs were conducted on the Dodgers’ traveling party. Both the Rays and Dodgers were tested again today and their travel back to their home cities will be determined after being approved by the appropriate authorities.”

As a result, the league will take a look at the entire issue. It’s unclear what the punishment would look like since Turner is soon to be a free agent and no longer a part of the Dodgers officially. Both teams and traveling parties were tested multiple times between last night and this morning, with no players testing positive. One Rays family member did test positive, though they have not confirmed if that was related.

A bitter ending to what was otherwise an incredible night for Dodgers fans. Was it irresponsible? Yes. But the league will do their investigation and decided where to go from here. Regardless, congrats to all of you fans, who have waited so long for this World Series to come. 

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  1. I have no problem with JT celebrating a world series victory. I do have a problem with politically correct, anti-freedom, and anti-fun schmucks like Manfred. Re-sign JT ASAP.

  2. He was with the team all day and threw 7 innings of the game. If he spread the virus, he did so already. The real question should be, “Who violated the bubble and gave it to him?”

    1. What is there to investigate? Season’s over. The Dodgers welcomed JT in the field to celebrate.
      Manfred — the piece of metal man — should instead investigate how the bubble was burst. That is if JT’s test is not false positive.

      1. Will Manfredi be honest and say maybe his people handling the testing screwed up or will he continue to denigrate himself,deflect and blame others like Dodger Mansgment? He is a person whose word is open to question. I have been around baseball long enough to remember many commissioners- since 1940 to be precise. He is by far the most proactive to change the game ( and I make that as a negative statement) that we have had the misfortune to experience in those 80 years. My memory BTW as an 8 year old visitingEbbets Field for the first time ( (I was among many after 1940 screaming Wait til next year) Joe “Ducky”Medwick taking time to speak to me. In awe? Absolutely. But Manfredi wants to materially change the game and in my household that is a big Nono. If he does his job in this inquiry we should see his people are at fault. My Thoughts. Jim C

  3. He was already around everyone. Him going out to celebrate didn’t make things any worse

  4. If he stays true to form Commissioner Manfredi will find a way to punish the Dodgers worse than he did Houston in 2017. Manfredi would do the multi millions of baseball fans a big favor if would just resign so we can save the game we love and not be held hostage to his nightmare vision

  5. Why is this your top story? The Dodgers won the WS for the first time since 1988 and you are focusing on this? Stupid. The season is over. The Dodgers are the champs. Enjoy it!!!!! The JT story means nothing at this point.

  6. Game 6 might have been the last time JT is in a Dodger uniform. Screw MLB. He had every right to celebrate with his team.

  7. Want to bet that the Dodgers knew about the positive test before the game but decided to wail until they would have pulled him anyway before they announced it. This needs to be investigated further if if my assumption is correct, the Dodgers need to be really penalized.

    1. You are obviously an anti Dodger fan. As such your comments carry no weight. My Dodger roots go back to 1940 ( that is 80 years). You are entitled to your opinion, of course but the right to be heard does notalways carry with it the right to be listened to

      1. So i guess everyone saying dodgers knew or about Justin shouldn’t celebrate is anti dodgers fan. I’m a dodgers fan and I’m not saying they knew beforehand but if he was removed then he shouldn’t have come back in. Common sense whether they won or not is not the issue. If it was the other way around, you’d say the same thing but since you are for the dodgers, you’re saying it’s ok. It’s not a common cold we’re talking about. The dodgers are bragging they followed the protocols until someone got COVID and they didn’t. Don’t be a hypocrite.

        1. You misstated my position as you mustated everyone is saying the Dodgers knew. They may have or nay not have but that is all prejudgment. There is a folreport he tested inconclusive earlier and on retest found out it was positive. There have been so many false findings that I would submit inconclusive means just that- we just do not know. Wait for all the facts before forming judgments. Maybe they did try to cover up but to accuse of that before any inquiry simply is not justice- public opinion should not be the final arbiter. We gave enough of that politically. It would be nice to Jeep sports apolitical

    2. Who gives a ****? The season is over. All the testing was to get MLB baseball to the finish line. Mission accomplished.

    3. LOL, read b/4 posting the test results were made known to the Commissioner’s Office during the game, the Dodgers were in formed in the seventh inning, which time they probably took him out of the game. This whole issue is ridiculous considering that he had been in the dugout all game not to mention batting practice, team meetings, etc. The investigation that is needed is into the commissioner’s office if anything. This is a non-story.

  8. Based on the MLB official statement, which says it is clear he did something and it was wrong and violated rules, why does MLB need to “investigate”? MLB has already reached a conclusion! Turner has no hope of an impartial investigation.

  9. Why didn’t they keep turner out of the whole game? Kinda weird notifications went out in the 7th inning! Somethings not right???

  10. 60 minutes earlier he was on the bench shoulder to shoulder and sharing high fives with everyone with whom he came within contact on the field. I get it’s a pandemic. I get people have died. But sitting him in isolation at that point didn’t help anything. If MLB is smart they’ll kill this story and move on rather dragging it out.

    1. Except it wasn’t just the team he was potentially exposing. There were players families on the field and some of the wives were pregnant. While the chances of him effecting others is small, it was an unnecessary risk. I’m a huge JT fan and admire the work his foundation does in the community. This pandemic sucks but he screwed up. Not the worse thing but he screwed up.

      1. An excellent point and one that begs a question I haven’t heard asked. The entire team knew JT was removed for a positive test and they knew they were exposed to him in very close quarters for days. Why did they allow their wives and children on the field? The on-field celebration should have been limited to the team for which JT’s participation wouldn’t have been in question.

  11. The problem with the younger people of today is they form judgments-usually dictatorial in nature before all the facts are known. A follow up story had his first test inconclusive so a retest was conducted and that came back positive. According to that report he was pulled immediately

    In our society is the presumption of innocence unless and until proven to be otherwise. But the naysayers say inconclusive is tantamount to guilty. I do not buy that interpretation. If Turner should have been pulled on a inclusive test then everyone charged with a crime should be locked up unless proven. That is not as Aristotle said in his treatise “Justice as Fairness” innocent. For those of you who never heard of Aristotle, google that name and learn something about justice. Maybe next time you will wait for the facts before prejudging

  12. Retaliation. Liz Habib on Fox 11 said during post game show last night that before the season Justin Turner was most outspoken and critical of Rob Manfred on the shortened season and Astros’ lite punishment. This was simply the perfect opportunity for Manfred to nail JT.

  13. What is there to investigate? Season’s over. The Dodgers welcomed JT in the field to celebrate.
    Manfred — the piece of metal man — should instead investigate how the bubble was burst. That is if JT’s test is not false positive.

  14. JT played all game up to the point he was isolated. He was with the team, coaches and others in the bubble. If MLB was concerned about JT infecting others, why wasn’t the entire team, umpiring crew and staff isolated inthe celebration? Why just JT? The test wasn’t instant but delayed by the time the results were returned so anyone in contact with Justin fromthat point going forward was potentially infected. Wouldn’t everyone in contact with him be a possible new point of contact?

  15. This is just about the last straw! Manfred is a gutless worm and a disgrace to his office. If he had any moxie he would have taken meaningful action against the Astros and he wormed out of it. My advice to MLB is get someone in leadership with some common sense and backbone and get rid of this clown.

    And….leave J.T. alone. He is a credit to the game and to America. He has waited and hoped for a championship along with the rest of us Dodger fans. He deserves to celebrate with his team. I agree with Robert….Screw Manfred and any owners who agree with him.

  16. If it wasn’t important enough to isolate everyone in the game, when they pulled JT out of the game to isolate him, what is the big deal of him coming back after the game when the Rays and the umpires are long gone, to celebrate a victory with a group of friends that he had been with 8- 10 hours already? I saw him sit with the team for the picture and I saw him kiss his wife, but I didn’t see him making any effort to go to women and children to impose himself on them. The bottom line is, there was no more risk after the game than there was during the game. Go Dodgers!!! Let’s celebrate!!!!

  17. Another joke investigation. What’s the worst that can happen? Maybe a player or two could possibly get the sniffles for a couple of days.

  18. JT is a Champion, I think we should leave him alone. He worked and lived in the bubble for months on end especially during the playoffs. He conformed enough, we should leave him alone. The mask and social distancing is the new religion now, The Commissioner is the Pope, how dare he defile the Pope. Time for pushback on the new religion.

  19. MLB can lick deez nuts. They’ve already created this PR nightmare and even it was a false positive, we’ll never know now. Turner should get tested outside of MLB and show them results and let’s sit back and watch MLB backpedal. How perfect of MLB, zero suspensions to the cheating Astro’s players but JT will get something dropped on him for celebrating.

  20. This is just after-the-fact attention grabbing from the MLB office. The team can quarantine for two MONTHS if they want, it doesn’t change the fact that they won the World Series and baseball doesn’t resume until March.

  21. If his teammates didn’t mind then I don’t. He wore a mask. The commissioner is throwing his weight around, but didn’t do a damned thing about the Astros, which is where he should have spent his time. Time for a new commissioner! Jerk!

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