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Dodgers: Mookie Betts Thought He Would Spend His Entire Career in Boston

The Dodgers getting Mookie Betts might have been the best thing to happen to Los Angeles in a long time. All season long, he’s shown fans exactly why the team gave him a 12-year extension before he ever got the chance to play a real game.

In a recent interview with David Ortiz, Mookie talked about settling into his new city. Obviously given the condition of the world right now, he hasn’t gotten much of an opportunity to see his new city. But the Dodgers outfielder also talked about leaving Boston and the emotions that came with it. Apparently, Betts did not expect to ever leave the team that drafted him. 

I had initially thought that I was gonna be a Red Sock for life. But, you know what, God always has a plan for things, and I’m just kind of following what he tells me to do.

Regardless, Mookie is in Los Angeles now. He’s here for a reason, and that is to put the Dodgers back into the winning column and earn some rings. 

The trade happened, (and) the reason for bringing me here was to help put us over the edge. And if I’m able to help do that, it’s like I conquered my goals. … I feel amazing about bringing a ring back to L.A.

We’re incredibly happy to have stolen Mookie from Boston. The leadership that he brings to the team isn’t something we get to see every day, but we certainly get to see the talent on the field. The Dodgers are lucky to have him. 

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  1. Meanwhile, the City of Boston has scheduled a socially distanced parade to celebrate the Red Sox “payroll flexibility.”

  2. Remember the “Curse of the Bambino”. Looks like Boston won’t win again until 2119.

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