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Dodgers: MLB’s Odd Merchandise Release With Off-White Has Fans Very Confused

Every once in a while, something comes along on the internet that reminds you that you’re no longer as young as you thought you were. That would include this Dodgers merchandise release from MLB today.

In a collaboration with Off-White and New Era, MLB unveiled this…look. The Dodgers merchandise features the Off-White brand’s meteor holes. And…well, let’s just say we don’t quite understand what’s going on anymore.

Maybe a younger generation can help us figure out what’s going on because this merch is missing a few pieces. Add in the fact that it’s the most expensive merch drop that we’ve ever seen, and Dodgers fans online have not reacted well.

Naturally, the price isn’t even one of the first things that fans had something to say about. But the holes man…the holes.

Other Dodgers fans chose to take the comedic approach, because what other choice do you have when you’re missing part of your hat that you paid $260 for?

So while you probably won’t catch any of us wearing these new Dodgers hats or jerseys, maybe you’ll see them at the stadium? Who knows.

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