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Dodgers: Mookie Betts Gave Ross Stripling Some Advice on Tipping Pitches

One common thing among the players around Mookie Betts is that every single one of them talks about how good of a teammate he is. Dodgers players have beamed about Betts since he first arrived, and that hasn’t changed at all in Summer Camp.

During the intrasquad on Sunday, Mookie Betts stopped Ross Stripling on the way to the dugout after an inning. Mookie appeared to point out something with Ross’ glove, though Dodgers analysts could only guess. Luckily, we went straight to the source to find out. Ross told us that Betts was helping him identify some issues with tipping pitches.

[Mookie] said he could see my pinky flare on my changeup from second base. Like, he could see into my glove as he took his lead. So either stop flaring my pinky on the change or flare it on the other pitches too to throw off guys on second base.

All that we can really take from that is that Mookie Betts is already making a huge impact on his Dodgers teammates. To go up to a guy that has been with the big league club since 2016 really shows the maturity of Mookie Betts.

The fact that they take these meaningless games so seriously also shows just how competitive this Dodgers team is going to be all year long. Los Angeles kicks off their 60-game season next Thursday at home against the Giants. Stripling is not expected to pitch in that series, though he will likely be taking the ball against the Astros in Houston. 

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  1. This shows how prevalent sign stealing is around the league. Sure they’re also using cameras, even our Dodgers. We need to stop griping and start correcting ourselves. It took a guy out of the organization to come in and show our pitcher that?

    1. Out of the organization? He’s with the organization right now, dude. And it’s a lot different than cameras in centerfield. The runner on second has a right to relay messages to the hitter if he can do so. That’s not someone in the dugout banging on a garbage can because it’s going to be a curveball.

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