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Dodgers: Mookie Betts Reaches Major Career Milestone

Mookie Betts has accomplished plenty of things in his 7-year career. He has taken home MVP honors, batting titles, Gold Gloves, and a World Series all by 27 years old. But on Thursday afternoon, Mookie reached a huge milestone this time with the Dodgers. 

When Mookie took a pitch into left field for a base hit off of the Giants’ Andrew Saurez, it represented Betts’ 1000th career hit. Mookie collected the majority of those in Boston of course, with 965 coming as a Red Sox player. But it is the 1000th hit that will be remembered by Dodgers fans. 

Betts went 1-3 on the day, and it took until the 6th innings for him to reach the mark. But he has it now, and Mookie storied Dodgers’ career has just started. Betts is also coming up on a few other major milestones, just 6 RBI’s away from reaching 500 and 50 homeruns away from reaching 200. The homerun mark will likely come in 2021. 

Up Next for the Dodgers

After a doubleheader today in San Francisco, the Dodgers head to Texas for three games against the Rangers. The trip also comes at a bit of a strange time, as the trade deadline is now only a few days away for baseball. The Rangers could potentially be heavy sellers at the deadline coming up. 

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  1. CONGRADULATIONS MOOKIE!!!!! This Dodger Girl is SO Proud and Happy for you..SO AWESOME!!!! With more hits to come your way!!

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