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Dodgers: Mookie Betts Trade Could Happen Before Spring Training, David Price in Play

As the calendar flips to February, spring training baseball is just around the corner. While most clubs have the bulk of their roster done, it seems the Dodgers are still working hard at a blockbuster move that would change the complexion of their lineup.

Yes, Los Angeles reportedly remains engaged in talks with the Boston Red Sox for star outfielder Mookie Betts. After Betts rejected a contract extension offer from Boston, the team appears to be in a scramble to move the 2018 AL MVP, possibly before the start of spring training.

And one former Red Sox hero fully expects Betts to move before camp opens for Boston.

When speaking on the rumors, 2004 World Series champion Kevin Millar spoke on MLB Network’s “Intentional Talk” this week about the likelihood that Mookie gets moved soon, and whether the Dodgers will be the team to land him.

Yeah, I do — the Dodgers haven’t done a whole lot, obviously, because they’re good … but I think that this is something that could be done … I think something happens before spring training. I think this is real, I don’t think this is fake news.

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So while the potential (and likelihood) of a trade increases, so do the trade scenarios. One of the biggest that has heard often this off-season is the potential to package left-handed pitcher David Price in with Betts in a deal that helps Boston clear payroll. 

Patrick Creighton of ESPN radio in Houston has oddly been vocal on this subject over the last few days. He touched further on it Friday night.

In other reports, a person who claims to have some knowledge of the situation said there are four trade scenarios currently in play, with only one including Price.

In terms of trade packages, we’ve already heard that the Dodgers will hold on to Gavin Lux no matter what, but may be open to moving outfielder Alex Verdugo, in the right deal. A package including the majority of two big money contracts coming back to LA affords the team the opportunity to hold on to more prospects in a deal.

Something that seems right up Andrew Friedman’s alley.

The Dodgers have the prospects to get any move done, and they have the financial might to take on just about any contract… but will they pull the trigger? While the San Diego Padres remain in the mix for Betts’ services, all eyes are on Boston and Los Angeles to make this deal happen. 

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      1. Paul, I just hope Friedman makes this big deal just to spite non believers like me! And I would eat all the crow the apologists could throw at me if it means making the team have a better chance to win the World series! Adding Price would mean a huge upgrade from Wood in the postseason. Adding Betts would for the 1 st time since Brett Butler , add a 300 hitting lead off All star! And that right handed bat. Both moves that would solidify 3 huge weaknesses.I’d start spending my money on them again if they show me they’ re going all in!

        1. How would be Price be a huge October upgrade? He began his post-season career by losing his first nine decisions as a starter (his two wins during that stretch came in relief. This record for futility came when Price was a Price’s 0-8 is a much better pitcher than he is now. Why do you think Wood would be the Game 3 starter. If he bounces back, he might be. The Dodgers otherwise have plenty of SP options. They are in good shape in that area.

          Btw, Alex Verdigo figures to be a .300 hitter and can also bat leadoff. And he’ll be around a heckuva lot longer than Mookie Betts. Do you ever research or think before you post, or do you enjoy spewing nonsense? The Price post-season thing is hysterical.

          1. I agree withe you Dodger Codger, Alex is going to be a star.

  1. Dodgers would waste him probably still find a way to fall short. Padres should get him they could use him they desperately need to start winning

  2. Dr. Al Bendova, a noted proctologist, raises a legitimate concern about Roberts putting Betts in a possible platoon situation which would be a huge mistake. Betts has proven himself to be one of the best players in baseball both offensively and defensively. He brings a much needed RH bat that makes contact and is a true threat on the bases. His fielding is superlative. In short, he is and must remain an everyday player. As much as I love Verdugo, I would pull the trigger on this deal although not sure what we would give up if Price is part of the deal. The time is now, Dodgers. You have been so close recently, go get a WS championship!

    1. Roberts has lost some of the support from fans and he NEEDS to make better managing decisions, so I cannot possibly think he would be so stupid as to platoon Betts. He is an everyday player, but it also means he doesn’t have to play all 162 either. It’s a long season

  3. All this talk that basically the 2 sides (Dodgers & Red Sox) supposedly have 4 trade scenarios. One of which includes David Price and not really how many include Alex Verdugo said but at least one. What seems to be true is none of the 4 supposed scenarios are agreed to in full because if they were then the “deal” would be done and announced, unless one deal is agreed and they are both looking at other possible scenarios (of the other 3 mentioned) to make it better for each teams liking.
    My preference is don’t include David Price because is number are in decline each year and I can’t see them all of a sudden going back in time 3 plus years. So let’s get Mookie Betts and learn from not resigning From trading but then not resigning Manny Machado and give Mookie Betts a contract he is worth and make it long term like he wants.

  4. If Price is part of it, the Red Sox should pay at least one third of his salary. He is way overpriced.

  5. Correction: Roberts has lost the support of idiots. Real baseball fans know he’s one of the best in the business.

    1. LOL you’re a laughable shiII you don’t even try when you say such ridiculous things like that. Anyone who watches this team nightly knows you’re full of it. Does the best in the business make the same exact mistake with Hill two World Series in a row? Does he use Kershaw in the 8th when he has the entire bullpen at his disposal? Does he then use kelly for 2 innings when he showed all year he can only handle one IF that. Those are just some of the major rookie mistakes he’s made I’m sure others can add a few to the list. Get out of here bro

  6. If we take on Betts’ salary we are doing Boston a big favor, so why should we also have to give up valuable prospects. They should be happy w low priced major league ready players to help their payroll. like Kike, Maeda, Joc or Barnes. Or 2nd tier minor leaguers.
    Btw, the platoon of Joc/Pollack will produce 35 hrs, 250 ba and a 850 OPS. Betts will provide 50 more points of ba but 20-25 hrs. How much should they pay for that?

  7. Wed. I have a question,Betts Is free agent after this is season,Will there be a stipulation,that he must sign with L. A . after this year ,only cause if he decides to go free agent we lose all the way around .I don’t know how it works? Help? Thanks

  8. do not rent betts,if he does not agree to sign w/ la next yr, contract makes sense let him go but do not trade vergudo. betts is getting old to ask what he is barnes, policker & a pitcher

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