Dodgers: 6 Bold Predictions for the 2020 Season

I recently looked at the Dodgers’ current 2020 roster and thought about how much upside it has. The roster from top to bottom has so many breakout candidates and with that comes volatility. However, I truly, whole-heartedly believe that this is the year the Dodgers win it all. If you add in Mookie Betts to the mix, that will only strengthen my stance. The Yankees are a damn good ball club, but it almost seems like destiny in 2020.

I took to Twitter to voice my six boldest predictions for the 2020 season. Let’s see what you think:


1. Corey Seager receives MVP votes.

Corey Seager entered into 2019 in hobbled fashion off of a Tommy John surgery and an operation on his hip. It sapped his power in the first half and he simply did not look like himself at the plate. His second half showed a lot of the signs that he was going to experience a resurgence. The insane amount of doubles he hit in 2019 (44) lead to a positive outlook for 2020 as his power seems likely to return with more of those doubles ending up over the fence instead of in the outfield grass.

At FanFest, Seager spoke about his health and full off-season of baseball activity, which should make just about any Dodger fan excited.

I’m not saying he will win the MVP award, but I strongly feel that he will receive votes. I’m expecting something just under his 2017 season which included a .295 batting average, 127 wRC+, and 6.0 WAR.

2. Dustin May wins the NL Rookie of the Year Award, not Gavin Lux.

This one might receive a lot of pushback considering how many people love Gavin Lux, but this is one that I will stand by. I believe in Dustin May’s ability more than I do in Gavin Lux’s and that is just a matter of personal opinion. May might not receive enough starts/innings to receive consideration, but if he does, the league better watch out. Gavin Lux and Dustin May will both likely be in the mix, but I’m taking May here as a bold prediction.

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3. AJ Pollock stays healthy.

Okay yes, this one is not super likely. Pollock will be entering his age-32 season and has not had a fully healthy cameo since 2015. However, I believe that the Dodgers will find a way to keep him healthy by playing him in the corner outfield and platooning him. Being responsible for somewhere in the 100-110 game range will lessen his workload and in turn, lessen his chance of getting injured. Bumps and bruises will happen, but I’m predicting that Pollock doesn’t experience a huge injury in 2020. If Mookie Betts comes aboard, this prediction strengthens even more.

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4. Clayton Kershaw hits 94 miles per hour on the gun at least once.

This one is not tremendously far-fetched. I’m not saying he will sit at 94 miles per hour. That’s an unreasonable assessment. I simply believe that he will hit it once. He hit 93 miles per hour a couple times in 2019, but never 94. The hiring of Rob Hill from Driveline Baseball could prove to be the x-factor in this prophecy coming to fruition. Boy, wouldn’t it be fun to watch vintage Kershaw for just one start in 2019.

5. Kenley Jansen returns to prominence.

The Rob Hill effect could help Kenley Jansen. He has reportedly already worked with Driveline this off-season and has worked to revamp his cutter that was off at times in 2019. He was one of the best closers in all of baseball just a couple years ago and if he can be somewhere in between his 2018 and 2019, I think we can call this a success.

6. They win the World Series.

This one is not a bold prediction, but it’s no slam dunk as we have seen in past seasons. The Yankees will absolutely give the Dodgers a hard time from the American League and the Braves and Nationals are no slouches from the National League. However, I strongly believe this is the year, folks. I thought 2017 had that glimmer and I was right to a degree until the Astros came around and screwed that up. 2018 seemed ominous. 2019 seemed good up until Game 5. 2020 feels…right. How great would it be to watch the Dodgers and Lakers both win their titles in the same year since 1988?

For Kobe, for the city of Los Angeles, and for the Dodgers. A Hollywood ending could be in store.

BONUS: The Dodgers acquire Mookie Betts.

The Dodgers will get Mookie Betts. Find me @DanJPreciado on Twitter to tell me I’m an idiot when the Padres get him — but I will be here. The Dodgers will bring him to Los Angeles this off-season and go from NL favorites to NL locks.

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Daniel Preciado

My name is Daniel Preciado and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore Sport Analytics major and Cognitive Science and Economics dual minor at Syracuse University. When I am not in New York, I live in Whittier, California --- not too far from Chavez Ravine. I am pretty old-school for being an analytics guy and I will always embrace debate. Also, Chase Utley did absolutely nothing wrong.


  1. Is there a metric for these? Sure hope your right..Regarding the lack of investments this off season, pretty tough to envision.

      1. He did have a bad 2019 post season. Guess it’s easy to forget the 2017 Game 2 homer? Huge moment that was blown for a variety of reasons. In the post season, they all seem to choke.

  2. None of these are bold, though I agree that May winning ROY is a bold prediction but a possibility nonetheless.

    1. Here’s my predictions:

      Seager will have a good year. He will hit near 300 as he did prior to arm problems requiring TJ surgery. MVP votes are irrelevant. He will be solid.

      Dustin May has always rated higher than Lux to me, because he throws a 98 MPH sinker, which is hard to hit at any level. It is especially well suited to this new live ball, home run derby era. He won’t get rookie of the year. Like Paddack in San Diego last year his innings will be limited. In the old days, Rick Sutcliffe got a rookie of the year for the Dodgers, but he made alot of starts and threw alot of pitches. Teams are more careful (and smarter) now.

      Pollack’s health is secondary to his poor performance when he is healthy. At best he should platoon with Pederson in left field. If he doesn’t hit, he shouldn’t be playing at all.

      Winning the World Series will take more than what the Dodgers currently have. They need a frontline starting pitcher and a right handed power hitter. Betts filts the bill of the latter. Price may or may not fit the bill for the former. He is certainly not worth what he is currently being paid with his 4.28 ERA last year. The Red Sox would have to eat part of his salary to dump the rest.

  3. Bold prediction here which is true because he said so:
    Roberts will make those same pitching decisions he made in last year’s NLDS
    The lineups will change considerably every time the Dodgers face a LHP
    But I haveno other bold predictions other than we will begin 2020 with who is on the roster, which as it now stands won’t be enough to go deep into October.

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