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Dodgers: More Info Released on Carl Crawford’s Arrest

Following up on a story posted yesterday afternoon, former Dodgers’ outfielder Carl Crawford has been arrested on assault charges. Crawford is accused of assaulting his girlfriend during an argument over a man she had been dating, per the report. 

A report from Houston police says that Crawford showed up to his girlfriend’s house last month an pulled out a gun. Crawford reportedly unloaded his gun and demanded information from the woman. The woman told police that Crawford had slammed her head into a wall and choked her during the exchange. 

The woman’s one-year-old daughter distracted Crawford long enough for her to be able to call the police. Crawford fled the scene but also sent threatening texts in the ensuing days. 

The incident apparently happened one week before a child and a woman drowned at Crawford’s home in Houston. He is currently free on a $50,000 bond. 

Crawford last played Major League Baseball in 2016 with the Dodgers. 

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  1. Not a good showing by a former Dodger…..Shame on him …..poor example to young Dodger fans especially!!!

    1. Young people are already exposed to vile things before they even hit puberty with the internet. Reading an article won’t shock them

  2. So are the women and child the same? If you report something you should do due diligence and find out all the facts.

  3. I expect that it will soon be reported that the woman and child who drowned are those indicated in this story. Very, very sad.

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