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Dodgers Move Ryu to 60 Day DL, Pick up Casey Fien

News broke during the Dodgers 6-2 victory as Hyun-Jin Ryu was placed on the 60 day DL. On Thursday Ryu participated in a scheduled bullpen at Dodger Stadium as part of his rehab and was moved to make room for the Dodgers latest pick-up. However, we still do not know the status of Ryu’s injury and will wait for further news about when he will start his rehab assignment.

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The Dodgers also made a move on the waiver wire by picking up RHP Casey Fien from the Minnesota Twins. Fien had been placed on waivers by Minnesota on Thursday as Fien was struggling mightily so far this season, posting a 7.90 ERA in 14 appearances.

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  1. Another trash pick up by the idiots in the front office. They seem to have written this year off. When will you fans wake up and see the mess Firedman an Co have made of this pitching staff. Like sheep to slaughter are Dodger fans now-a-days.

  2. Why is placing Hyu on the 60-day list tough news?It must be retroactive, right, just an administrative move to make room for Fien, right?.

  3. How about a starter to replace Wood, Kazmir, Ryu, Anderson…..Tired of hearing about Ryu… He is done for the year and maybe beyond. I guess Fien could replace Blanton…. When the Dodger’s signed their pitching staff this year, they should have stayed away from the 99 cent store….What happened to the baseball minds that used to work for the Dodger’s front office…Geez….

  4. When the new front office took over the Dodgers, we had the best NL team that could not make it to the world series. Now we have a mediocre team at best that will probably finish their division in 3rd or 4th place. 
    Meanwhile in the same time period, the Chicago Cubs front office has brought their team from #3 to a world series contender.  
    Obviously we hired the wrong front office folks!
    Our front office keeps going after cheap injured prone pitchers. We have 2 good starting pitchers and one reliever…and you can’t win a division or wold series one that. 
    VERY Disappointing!

  5. RWCarvalho  Finally!  Someone has seen the light. Come on dodger fans, let ownership know we are tired of this nickel and dime approach and want them to rid us of this horrific front office.  It’s not too late to save the season. Fire the current front office. All of them!!!!

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