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Dodgers: Multiple Dodgers’ Get The Night Off

Game one of a three game series in Arizona begins tonight. With Bellinger and Muncy receiving the night off (non-injury related), Matt Beaty is apparently dealing with a hip flexor injury that occurred in yesterday afternoon’s win over the Phillies. Beaty will be limited for the time being.

The lefty Joc Pederson gets the start tonight against LHP Robbie Ray, who doesn’t get many opportunities facing southpaws. It is only his second start this season against a lefty.

Despite the three receiving the night off, the lineup is still in great shape. From top to bottom, you can rely on just about anyone including guys like David Freese and youngster Will Smith.

Tyler Hawk

Currently living in Central California. Life-long Dodgers and Chargers fan.


  1. The Dodgers media staff put in a dig to the Arizona media prior to the series this week. In the advance report the Dodgers gave to the Diamondback media, the headline read “All We Do is Win”……….HA HA HA HA!………what makes this so funny, you ask?………If you actually listen to the DBacks announcers during pregame/in game and post game coverage, they are constantly comparing themselves to the Dodgers, asserting they are on equal footing with the Dodgers, and then they love to make humiliating remarks about anything “Dodger”. I have noticed this for years now, especially coming form their announcers……insert “Bob Brenly” here (yea, that guy, the old Giant catcher…… They (the DBack media) have a serious case of penis envy IMO. So the Dodgers leading off with that opening line? PURRFECT! Methinks someone on the Dodgers press corp obviously feels this too!

  2. I would like to comment on the line-up. In particular, Pederson in the line=up against a LHP-starter. The only reason Pederson was starting against a LHP was Bellinger and Muncy were given an off-day and Not because “let’s give him a start against a LHP.” Did you see where he was batting, 8th, he went 0-3 with 2 strike-outs. Nothing has changed, Pederson will sit when a LHP starts. Again, if I was the opposing team, I would start LHP after LHP, e.g. the Cubs will start Lester, Hamels, Quintana, the Red Sox – Sale, Price, the Yankees – Sabathia, Paxton, etc. Probably the No. 2 or 3(numbers-wisea) homerun hitter on the Dodgers will be on the bench in a crucial moment.

    1. Robin……What’s worse here (for me anyway)………why is “UPO” Taylor leading off?????????

    2. Robin, I posted about this very topic yesterday, seeing how Dodgers are very productive offensively against RHP, for example Joc and teams sooner or later will throw a LHP as often as possible if for no other reason than it will put Joc on the bench.

  3. Although I did not have privy to hearing the D-backs’ announcers pregame comments comparing the D-backs favorably to the Dodgers, it does not surprise me to read that one of the announcers is a former Giant. Giants and Giants-affiliates, former and current, seemingly cannot control themselves when it comes to ANYTHING Dodger. This would include the Giants delusional fan base. (The “Beat LA” chant has surpassed pathetic given the Giants’ standing for the past several years.) Besides winning the division every year…..being National league champions…..going to the World Series for the past few years… will take that elusive ring to shut down the” noise”…for a few days, anyways.

  4. Barbara………It was so funny last nite…..I wish you could have heard them………it was the first thing the Arizona announcers mentioned, at the very top of their game telecast………you could tell that the Dodgers writing “All WE Do Is win” on the media notes that they gave out to the Zona press prior to this series had really irked them. They even clipped a picture of it and showed it on the screen while they whined about it………then they took the indignant approach “the Dodgers are so arrogant, they wrote this in the media handout here today”……..I loved it. As for the Giants, yea they hand out a heavy dose of BS too, but their announcers are at least realistic most of the time. I actually heard one of them admit (finally this season) while they were doing an Oriole/Giant telecast last weekend…….the Giant announcer (but it was not Krukow, nor Kuiper) he said “let’s face it, these teams aren’t very good”

  5. Cory is heating up………good to see it!…….From Bill Plunkett………Seager is 14 for 46 (.304) with four doubles and four home runs in his last 13 games.

  6. I guess I see this a bit differently than my Dodger peers : we won last night’s game in convincing fashion. I was happy Joc played, though I do wish Roberts batted him higher in the lineup. The key is we won behind Buehler who has been erratic in the early going. Go Blue!!!

    1. BLUE LOU! Hello there yes, Pederson was in the lineup against a LHP if for no other reason than Bellinger and Muncy got the day off. Joc, whether it was a RHP or LHP probably knew he would not get much to hit being in front of the pitcher. Unfortunately he struck out twice and so it most likely means he won’t be starting anymore games against a LHP, thereby not getting much if any chance to improve against them.

  7. Those two moronic Giant’s announcers are by far the biggest homers in baseball. I want to regurgitate every time I listen to them. Being a Dodger fan in Northern California is very tough. When I was much younger I fell asleep every night listening to Vin Scully. Now there’s NEVER a Dodger game on the radio.

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